Find the Missing Type By Donating Blood Today

Isn’t it amazing that you hold the power to save someone’s life within you? No, I don’t mean by your words or your actions. I mean literally within you. Simply by donating blood, you can save a person’s life.

Think about that.

You may not realize it, but more people than you think are desperately in need of your help. In the United States, someone needs a blood transfusion every two seconds. Yes, one in seven people that enter a hospital, needs one. And with one whole blood donation, you can actually end up helping as many as three different patients.

So yes, donating blood is an incredibly powerful gesture. Unfortunately, not enough people are participating. As the weather heats up, the blood donations start to dry up. In the summer months, blood donations drop by as much as 20% overall. Without this blood, the world would be a very lonely place.

Just imagine if you were in need of a blood transfusion and there weren’t enough As, Bs, ABs, or Os, the human blood types to go around. You’d miss out on a ton of things.

donating blood #DonateBlood #MissingType

No more double plays or grand slams. You’d have to put the b_seb_ll gl_ve away for good.

donating blood #DonateBlood #MissingType

I eat one of these every single day. I couldn’t imagine not chomping down on a _ _ n_ n_ . Not to mention all those cream pies you’d never taste again.

donating blood #DonateBlood #MissingType

My life has always revolved around superheroes. I can’t even think about never reading another c_mic _ _ _ k again!

Are you a little confused? Don’t worry, I’m not working with a broken keyboard. Uh uh.

So what’s missing? We don’t have enough As, Bs, ABs and Os. Blood donation drops about 20% during the summer, which is why patients need your blood type. Take a step to donate at

My dad used to donate blood all the time when I was little. I remember him coming home just after donating. He’d be eating the most delicious-looking cookie and always had on a sticker that said, “Be nice to me, I donated blood today.” So I was.

It’s something I’ve always admired him for and something that certainly inspires me to get out there and donate. No matter what your blood type, you can be sure that there’s someone out there right now who needs that exact type. So please consider donating blood and help share your life with someone.


#DonateBlood #MissingType

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