Everybody Join In: On the 13th Day of Christmas, USAopoly Gave to Me…


Looks like it’s another Friday the 13th! And in December no less. I’m not up on my Jason horror movies (that’d be my blog buddy Kenda), but was there ever a Friday the 13th film that pitted the hockey-mask wearing serial killer against ol’ Saint Nick? Yeah, Friday the 13th, Part 13: Jason vs. Santa! I’d pay to see that one.

Anyways, let’s completely switch gears and talk about happy things like bunnies, rainbows and board games! I’ve loved board games since I was three apples high, and still love ’em. And after writing about USAopoly’s new RISK: Plants vs. Zombies Collector’s Edition, I totally put these guys on my “Companies I just love working with so much” shelf!

USAopoly puts out a slew of awesome themed games based on total classics like RISK, Monopoly, Yahtzee, Clue, Jenga and loads more. I’ll actually be doing two, yes two, awesome giveaways for them in the next few days. One game stars a certain Italian plumber and his brother, while the other is a time-travelling doctor who does indeed make house calls. So keep your eyes peeled!

But in the meantime, I wanted to share with you guys a fantastic giveaway that USAopoly’s running themselves! Called The Lucky 13 Games Giveaway of 2013, USAopoly is giving away 12 of its most popular games over 12 different days! That’s one game each day, starting today, December 13!

But best of all, on the 13th day, one lucky duck is going to take home the Grand Prize Package, which consists of ALL 12 games, plus a super secret bonus game! That’s 13 super-fun, awesometastic games in one fell swoop! So what exactly can you win? Take a look:

For details on entering this funtastic giveaway, just hop on over to the USAopoly Facebook page! And, y’know, feel free to tell ’em that Andrew from Mommy’s Busy, Go Ask Daddy sent ya!

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Enter the Lucky 13 Games Giveaway of 2013

Note that this post contains affiliate links for some super-fun games. If you click through and place an order for any, I will make a small commission and do a happy dance. Thank you!

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