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I’d heard about The Lego Movie for a few months but hadn’t even seen my first trailer until a few weeks ago. It wasn’t that I was purposely avoiding it, but I just was swamped with work and kept forgetting to watch the trailers.

I’m actually glad, because it meant I went into the theater with next to no knowledge of what the film was about. I love just about all of the Lego video games. They’re fairly easy to play, do a great job of summing up a movie’s storyline and are genuinely pretty darn funny. So I had some good expectations for the film.

Now, well, it’s extremely tough to write a review without giving anything away. So I’ll just say that everything is awesome when it comes to The Lego Movie.

The story is heartwarming and entertaining, yet it’s the characters that truly drive this movie. Plain, ordinary old Emmet is your average, everyday guy. That’s both a pro and a con as you’ll learn throughout the story.

The voice acting is great, especially Will Ferrell who I’m normally not a big fan of. But he was spectacular throughout. And there are loads of character cameos throughout. Again, I can’t say anything without giving some hilarious scenes away.

But you can get a huge feel for the movie (and the basic plot) by watching this extended trailer!

I will easily say that Batman far and away steals the show. Every line out of his mouth had me cracking up. And he sings one of the best songs in the entire movie. I may just pick up the Lego Movie Soundtrack solely for that one track!

If you’re a fan of Legos or just want a fun, completely family friendly movie, then I highly recommend The Lego Movie. They set things up nicely for potential sequels, and I’ve got my fingers crossed that that’s exactly what we’ll get.

Now I’ll stop talking, so you can grab the kids and hit the theater immediately. You won’t be sorry and I guarantee you’ll be singing, “Everything is Awesome” by the time you leave.

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19 thoughts on “Everything is Awesome About The Lego Movie”

  1. It could be a good in addition to helpful bit of info. My business is pleased that you shared this convenient info along with us. Be sure to keep you up to date this way. Many thanks spreading.

  2. I have always loved Legos as much as my kids! I cant wait for my 2 1/2 year old grandson to see this movie as he loves Legos to! Thank you for your awesome review!

  3. My kids really, really, really wanted to see this movie so I promised to take them. I didn’t want to see it and I even contemplated going to a different one instead. I opted to stay and watch with them. I really loved the movie, especially the ending!

  4. all the reviews i read were sooooo glowing i wound up being a little disappointed in it. I was entertaining it just didnt set the world on fire like everyone made it sound it would.

  5. I am so going to take the oldest of the 8 grandsons to see this movie,they have been asking for a while so its going to be a surprise for them

  6. I loved the Lego movie! Will Arnett was so funny, I am sure I laughed twice as much as my son! Every weekend my son has asked if we could go see it again, and we will absolutely buy it on video.

  7. one of my friends took her daughter there last night to see the movie and she said she really did not like it at all. I want to take my son to see it and decide for myself YOUR review is very positive and I decided to go see it after reading it Thank you for the wonderful review

  8. I have heard that all my friends who have little boys saw this movie. I want to take my granddaughter but haven’t really heard if this was a lil girl movie or not. Hopefully she won’t get bored but I am taking her and giving the movie a shot!!

  9. I just love that the Lego Movie is here. I haven’t yet seen it, so thanks for not giving anything away. I have been buying Legos for oner child or another for as long as I can remember. They’ll be a lot of happy kids when the movie hits town soon.

  10. I’ve played a few of the games and I’ve really enjoyed them. I’m the only one that wants to see this movie though, I may have to bribe Richard and Jake to watch it with me.

  11. My daughter & her fiance are Lego junkies. When he arrives to stay from the UK next month, I know this is first (well…maybe the second) thing they have planned to do!

  12. Thank you for the great review. I have heard nothing but great things about this movie. My granddaughter wants to go see this in the near future.


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