You Will Not Believe What My 9-Year-Old Put in His Mouth

Allie is going to kill me. But us journalists have to tell it like it is. No hiding from the truth. So I’m going to put this out there.

One of my lovely wife’s many amazing talents is that she can fit her fist in her mouth. Don’t think that’s a big deal? Go ahead. Try it. I can barely get one knuckle into my maw. But Allie? Yeah, she can pretty much get the whole fist in there.

Her family’s known this for years and it’s just one of those fun little talents you share with close friends or relatives in a goofy way. (Or if you’re stupid like me, you share it on a public blog.) But this isn’t the point of my post. The point is that my wife has been dethroned!

The other day, we were walking around and somehow mentioned putting a fist in your mouth. Ryan suddenly stopped where he was, opened his mouth wide and quickly shoved his entire fist right in there. He looked like a snake enjoying an afternoon snack.

It was the absolute ease and quickness of that whole thing that had us cracking up for the rest of the day.

So of course I had to take a photo for proof.

That's quite the mouthful.
That’s quite the mouthful.

And because Ryan insisted, here’s a side view.

You'd never guess that Ryan's a picky eater.
You’d never guess that Ryan’s a picky eater.

At a family dinner yesterday, Ryan showed off his newly discovered talent and we also learned that my niece Amanda is just as adept at it. Apparently this fist-swallowing technique is genetic.

What’s your wacky talent?

6 thoughts on “You Will Not Believe What My 9-Year-Old Put in His Mouth”

  1. Impressive feat! I would try it myself but I’m at work during lunch and would hate for any coworker to come into my cube and witness.

    You know he will be the hit at college parties someday!

  2. So I would deduce there is a fist eating gene in your family? LOL I love that he insisted you get a side view. Spoken like a blogger’s child! I used to be able to make my eyes “shake”. It’s harder to do now though.

  3. Hi, Raine! Thanks so much for your comment. That totally made my day. Hah. Yeah, I can’t lick my elbow either, nor touch my nose with my tongue. Or curl my tongue for that matter. But cool on your action figure collecting!

  4. You do realize that everyone that reads this has just tried it before commenting- and Fail for me. This reminds me of the time I was listening to talk radio on th way home during rush hour and they mentioned that it’s impossible to lick your elbow- as I tried it I looked around me and my fellow commuters we’re also trying it. Again: Fail. You have a really cool wife and son with awesome genetics! I like that your son insisted on the side view also. Sadly I don’t have any wacky talents unless being a 40 year old girl who collects action figures and cats (real ones) counts. * sigh*


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