Scrubbing Up for a Hot Date with the Wife

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Once you have kids, “date night” is something you generally just dream about. And when it finally comes around, you’re ecstatic if the evening consists of merely dinner for two at the local fast food joint even. Funny how priorities change in life.

Anyways, our kids are definitely old enough for us to enjoy date nights on a much more regular basis. Unfortunately, it’s the holidays and my life (and stress levels) have escalated to a new level of hectic. In my day job, I work at an agency dealing heavily with ecommerce, in particular the toy industry. So you can imagine that November and December are THE busiest times of the year.

Of course, my blogging also gets kicked up to 11, as the new pitches come in fast and furious with every PR person on the planet looking for some extra push before the holiday season comes to an end. So to say I’ve been busy of late is an understatement.

Unfortunately, that also means I’ve been neglecting my better half a bit. We haven’t had a good date night (just the two of us) in quite some time. Thankfully, the Life of Dad gang is here to slap me around and make sure I up my game.

I’ve been so crazy busy I didn’t even notice this post from Patrick Quinn totally calling me out for being a stinkaroonie. And it’s true! After a long day of work in Manhattan and even longer annoying train rides home, I don’t smell to impress. Luckily date night’s on the weekend, though, so I don’t have any commuter stink on me!

This weekend, however, I was busy exercising when I was gently reminded about our “date.” And yeah, I’m a sweater. Not the sweater you wear, but the perspiration kind. So when I exercise, even if it’s fairly mild, my shirt’s soaked and I probably don’t exactly smell like roses.


Sounds like the perfect opportunity to try out frank.  An Australian company with a real saucy attitude, frank (yes, that’s a lowercase “f” for those dying to leave a comment correcting my spelling) is an all-natural body scrub made of some pretty interesting ingredients. Things like coffee, brown sugar and sea salt. Sound delicious, don’t it?

There’s a nice variety of “flavors” available for frank body scrub including Cacao Coffee Scrub, Coconut Coffee Scrub, Original Coffee Scrub and Peppermint Coffee Scrub. I decided to dive into the Coconut Coffee Scrub and see if it could save my date night!

I have to admit, it felt a little odd rubbing, well, what seemed like dirt or coffee grinds (coffee dirt?) all over my face and body. The smell was like a strong bold cup of coffee with a hint of coconut, so that definitely helped wake me up a bit. I could get used to that sort of smell every morning! And I won’t lie, my skin felt loads smoother once I rinsed it off. I’m not one to use lotions or creams on dry skin, so this whole smooth skin thing is kind of new for me. It’s kinda nice actually and it certainly scored me bonus points with the wife!


Most guys probably never even thought of using a body scrub. Or at least, most guys won’t admit it. But I for one will certainly be thinking about the way it totally refreshed me, not just making me smell like someone my wife wouldn’t mind being seen in public with, but also just in terms of energizing me. Of course, I’ll probably be thinking about taking a shower every time I have a cup of coffee from now on.


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Now I’m going to throw the challenge gauntlet right back at another Life of Dad member, my fellow blogger Jeff over at Out With the Kids.  Jeff, you’re a pretty cool dad who rocks a mean pair of glasses. You clearly have a lot of fun with your kids but, well, come on, you need to lighten up a little bit. Let them get good and dirty. In other words, I challenge you to just make a total mess with your kids and then let frank come to everyone’s rescue. Think you’re game?


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    • Thanks, Christy! Glad you liked it. Definitely was a tough post to put together! I had to film that video at least 3 times because my phone kept crashing… on the last part!!! (Which meant starting completely over every time.)

  1. I doubt very seriously that my macho man hubby would use a scrub, but I know he would love the smell of one made with coffee. And Andrew, you are too cute! I love your photos in this post.


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