Getting Game Ready Starts in the Bathroom


Being a guy stinks.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love being a guy. There’s football! Video games! Sweat pants! Burping and farting are expected. Still frowned upon, but expected. So yeah, being a guy is a blast.

What I mean is that most guys just stink. Literally. We sweat a lot. And for our coworkers/significant others, that’s obviously not a turn-on. Although on the flip side, it is a good way to get a single seat all by yourself on the train or bus during your commute.

Whether you’re single, married or somewhere in between, it’s incredibly important to have a daily grooming routine. Nothing says true romance like your wife leaning in to kiss you good morning and then quickly jumping away as she wriggles her nose in disgust.

Sorry, but some guys just can’t help it. We even sweat at night! (TMI?)

Thankfully, there are some great companies out there that care about how you smell. Like Dove for instance! Sure they put out great bars of soap (that’s pretty much the only bar soap we’ve used for over a decade!), but they actually have some fabulous Men’s Personal Grooming products. Same goes for AXE and Degree.

All these great items are put out by Unilever, who clearly wants to get men game ready! And by game ready, I don’t just mean for a basketball tip off. Although Unilever does put out the official products of the NCAA!

Not wanting my wife to start walking around the house wearing nose plugs, I decided to give some of Unilever’s products a try!

Dove Men+Care

First up was Dove’s Men+Care, ExtraFresh Body Wash. Yep, you guessed it. It’s loofah time!

Dove Men+Care

I used Dove’s Body Wash in the shower (along with my oh-so-soft loofah!) and I absolutely loved it! It definitely has an “extra fresh” scent that helped wake me up a bit. After showering, my skin felt nice and smooth and not dried out at all like how it gets with some other soaps. Every time we go on vacation and use hotel soap, my skin feels awful!

I normally don’t have much fragrance with my soaps so I was afraid the Extra Fresh body wash would be a bit too strong for me, but it wasn’t at all. I rather enjoyed it and even Allie noticed.

“Oooooh! You smell really good!” was her immediate response without any prodding from me! Always a plus when your wife thinks you smell good, am I right?


After showering and shaving, I made sure my armpits were taken care of. I gave the AXE Apollo Dry Deodorant Stick a shot. Now, Apollo was the Greek God of Music (also known as The Archer), so I fully expected to be rock out all day, while shooting arrows Hunger Games style, all without breaking a sweat. Or at least, all without breaking a stinky sweat in my armpits.

Okay, so I didn’t grab a bow and arrow or do any headbanging, but Apollo went on real smooth without any residue. I normally use a more gel-like deodorant because there’s usually a lot of powdery residue with the sticks. But Apollo went on as smooth as jazz and it actually kept me real cool and dry in the underarms all day.

We ended up taking a four mile family hike that day and I was definitely sweating a bit from my forehead and chest. My underarms? Dry as can be! It too has a real nice fragrance that isn’t overpowering at all.

Yep, the combo of a great-smelling, refreshing body wash and a sure-to-stay-dry deodorant stick are a powerful one-two punch for making sure you Get Game Ready! Of course, the “Game” could be anything from a family hike to an actual NCAA basketball game or even a hot date to an important business interview!

While growing a “playoff beard” seems to be the norm in sports these days (even if the season JUST started!), that doesn’t mean guys can’t take care of other personal grooming. Smelling fresh from head to toe is pretty paramount to a succesful game, as well as life!

Just imagine how much better you’ll play if you smell and feel fresh?

So, guys – do us all a favor and be sure to Get Game Ready every single day. Stock up on Unilever’s Men’s Personal Care Products today. Sure, by the end of the season you may realize that your team stinks, but at least you won’t!

Be sure to score with Unilever Men’s Personal Care Products available at Sam’s Club where there are all sorts of great bundle packages with bonus products! Smell good and save money? Definite score!

Get Game Ready at Sam’s Club


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