Grooming 101: My Kids Think I Stink

#GuysGroomToo Grooming

According to my kids, I stink. No, I didn’t send them to bed without any supper. Didn’t take away their Nintendo privileges. And certainly didn’t make them go outside and get some fresh air. Uh uh. My kids say I stink and they mean it literally. We’re talking grooming issues here, people. Apparently I sweat. A lot. And with this insane heat wave combined with more humidity than should be legal on this planet, it’s been …

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Holiday Gift Ideas that Don’t Stink for the Man in Your Life

Holiday Gift Guide

Halloween is officially over. So now it’s time to talk about something REALLY scary… There are only 53 shopping days left until Christmas!!! And for those of us celebrating Chanukah, there’s a few weeks less than that! Every year the holidays seem to sneak up faster and faster. You’d think a big fat white-bearded guy in a huge bright red suit would be loads easier to see coming. But nope, Santa and the whole Holiday …

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Evolve From Good Dad to Good-Looking Dad with Axe, Dove and Vaseline

Being a dad means being there for your kids. No matter what. When they’re babies, it means dealing with spit up all over your shirts. Dodging high-flying bodily fluids whenever possible. And becoming a living canvas of food during dinner time. Thankfully, my boys are much older now, so I don’t really need to worry too much anymore about the bodily fluids part of things. Sure there’s still plenty of dinner time messes when food …

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Getting Game Ready Starts in the Bathroom


Being a guy stinks. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love being a guy. There’s football! Video games! Sweat pants! Burping and farting are expected. Still frowned upon, but expected. So yeah, being a guy is a blast. What I mean is that most guys just stink. Literally. We sweat a lot. And for our coworkers/significant others, that’s obviously not a turn-on. Although on the flip side, it is a good way to get a …

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7 Popular Characters Who Really Need Gobs of Hair Gel

Hair. It’s pretty much been with us since the human race first began. It’s kept us warm, protected us from the sun and grew to help us attract mates. Unlike birds, we don’t have colorful feathers to grab the attention of our hearts’ desires. But over the years, hairstyles have gone from conservative to crazy and everything in between, all in the name of making ourselves more than presentable. It’s all about looking good. Standing …

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