Holiday Gift Ideas that Don’t Stink for the Man in Your Life

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Halloween is officially over. So now it’s time to talk about something REALLY scary…

There are only 53 shopping days left until Christmas!!! And for those of us celebrating Chanukah, there’s a few weeks less than that!

Every year the holidays seem to sneak up faster and faster. You’d think a big fat white-bearded guy in a huge bright red suit would be loads easier to see coming. But nope, Santa and the whole Holiday Giving Season is like one big shopping ninja!

So the big question is what to get for the guy in your life? Whether it’s your son, brother, husband, or boyfriend, you certainly want to do right by them. Please don’t even consider “socks.” That’s just downright cruel, no matter how old the person is.

Instead, think a bit outside the box. Think of something fun and useful that they’d never really consider getting for themselves. Want some great suggestions? Well, you’ve come to the right blog, then!

Holiday Gifts that Don’t Stink for the Man in Your Life

Holiday Gift GuideMugs, Mugs and Mugs!

While it may sound lame at first, there are sooo many killer mugs out there to really help your man stand out whether he’s having a spot of tea, getting his morning started with a cup of Joe or warming up this winter with a piping cup of cocoa!

Holiday Gift Guide

Comic Books!

What guy (or gal!) doesn’t love a good superhero movie? Avengers and Ant-Man ruled this year. Superman vs. Batman is coming up. The X-Men always entertain. And that’s just the movies! All these characters were based on comic book characters, so grab a few good trade paperback collections of your guy’s favorite characters.

Holiday Gift Guides

Sports Lunch Bags

The best way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach, right? Right. So snag him a lunch bag (do they make lunch boxes anymore?) that’s sporting his favorite team’s logo. That way he’ll think of you every day when he’s at work and grabs his lunch out of the office fridge. Plus, it’ll force him to bring lunch to work, so he can save money (and buy you something)!


Star Wars Legos!

Appeal to the inner child in your man (or the child in your child) with a Lego set based on the Galaxy’s Finest! With the new Star Wars movie hitting mid December, the Force is already in full swing. I’m still waiting for Allie to buy me a Lego Death Star, but any Lego set is a fun way to explore our geeky side while still doing what guys love doing: building stuff!


AXE Holiday Gift Sets

I wasn’t kidding when I said these were holiday gifts for guys that wouldn’t stink! You don’t want the man in your life smelling like a sweaty, stinky, well… regular guy do you? Uh uh.

These AXE Holiday Gift Sets will help the guy in your life smell and feel fresh this merry holiday season. Each pack includes an AXE Body Wash, 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner, Antiperspirant stick, and a Dry Spray Deodorant or Body Spray. Different styles offer different scents from AXE Night (for the confident man) to AXE Apollo (classically masucline and sophisticated) to AXE Phoenix (classic, fruity fragrance).

Apparently Christmas is coming a bit early this year too, since you can save a few bucks right now when you grab an AXE Gift Set at your local Walgreens. Get $2 off any AXE Gift Set with this paperless coupon*!



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What are you buying for the man in your life?

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4 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Ideas that Don’t Stink for the Man in Your Life”

  1. Star Wars Legos set is what the man of the house wishes for his holiday season. It’s pricey and takes up space but he loves it so much I think I’m gonna go for it.

  2. Definitely need to grab a few axe giftsets and I usually get my husband a video game or a gift card to his fave comic book store anyhow.


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