Grooming 101: My Kids Think I Stink

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According to my kids, I stink. No, I didn’t send them to bed without any supper. Didn’t take away their Nintendo privileges. And certainly didn’t make them go outside and get some fresh air. Uh uh. My kids say I stink and they mean it literally. We’re talking grooming issues here, people. Apparently I sweat. A lot. And with this insane heat wave combined with more humidity than should be legal on this planet, it’s been …

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This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Great Skin with Dove Men+Care


I love the winter. The snow is beautiful. The temperatures are cold. And I don’t have to worry about sweating my brains off just by walking around outside. Of course, it also means that everyone will have their heat cranked up. Between that and the frigid cold air outside, my skin doesn’t stand a chance.  You better believe it gets dry and chapped this time of year. Definitely not fun. So while a Lego Death …

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Getting Game Ready Starts in the Bathroom


Being a guy stinks. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love being a guy. There’s football! Video games! Sweat pants! Burping and farting are expected. Still frowned upon, but expected. So yeah, being a guy is a blast. What I mean is that most guys just stink. Literally. We sweat a lot. And for our coworkers/significant others, that’s obviously not a turn-on. Although on the flip side, it is a good way to get a …

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