You All Need To Trick or Treat at Grandma and Grandpa’s House

Happy (Belated) Halloween, everyone!

Hope your day was filled with adorable costumes, delicious candy and all sorts of scares (of the good kind). This year, Ryan went as a ninja. He’s always super easy. We visit Target, walk around for all of three minutes and he grabs a costume.

Barefoot Ninja

Jason, on the other hand, is loads more difficult. Always. I can’t blame him, though, as I’d probably be the same way. He’s always picking the most obscure video game type characters around. Which means, Allie has to make the costume.

Last year, he was a Piranha Plant from the Super Mario Bros. Universe, but he’s also been Toad and Yoshi in years past (before those costumes were actually available to buy).

So this year, he decided on something semi easy. A wizard. But not just any wizard, it had to be the wizard from the video game app Clash of Clans. The guy who looks like this:


Clash of Clans Wizard

Allie again amazed me. Armed only with her creativity and a glue gun, she put together a spot-on costume, including a too-cool fireball!


As for me, I took advantage of the latest Halloween swag our friends at Nintendo sent over to the boys as part of their Nintendo Kid Reviewers program. I call myself Captain Mario Kong!


I didn’t get home in time to actually go Trick or Treating with the boys, but we always end Halloween by visiting one last house: Allie’s parents. So I made it home just in time to hop in the car and head over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for a final Trick or Treat. And let me tell ya, the boys could’ve easily skipped the earlier house hopping. They scored. Big!

We’re talking not just full-size Hershey bars and full packages of Starburst, but boxes of each! And then some!

Ninja and Wizard

You can see their candy bags (courtesy of our friends at Nintendo!!!) are so overstuffed they’re about ready to burst! Hope you guys had a wonderful Halloween too!

What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

27 thoughts on “You All Need To Trick or Treat at Grandma and Grandpa’s House”

  1. Haha yes, we always stop at Grandma and Papa’s house too on Halloween. Trick or Treating only lasts for 1 hour in our town… which is a bummer because as a kid we’d go for hours where I grew up and we’d end up with like 3 pillow cases each full of candy. I guess for 3 kids ages 4, 7 and 9 one hours worth of candy should be enough. No way! We get done in our neighborhood, we come back home and eat our traditional Chili mac dinner (Hubbys home made chili and my home made mac & cheese, blended, yummy) then we load up in the car and head to Grandma and Papa’s house where we present him with completely empty buckets. Papa passes out full size candy too. He always fills their buckets. Well this year, it was a rain snow mix, we didnt care we hit all the houses we could, nut Papa didnt get not one treater…. so he gave ALL the candy to our kids. That was a ton of candy! So yeah Grandma and Papa’s house is the best place to trick or treat.
    Love all your costumes!

  2. I really liked the Costumes-they were awesome. My favorite candy is butterfingers. They are so delicious. I had fun going with my sister and taking my niece trick or treating. She was a Fairy Princess!

  3. Love the costumes! I didn’t get to go trick or treating this year either. I trusted my oldest (23) to take my youngest to some trunk-or-treats. They get home after 2 hours. Went to one trunk or treat where they scored about 15 pieces of candy, then – typical of young adults- decided it was too much hassle, took my 6 yea old to Walmart, bought him 2 bags of candy and $40 worth of toys. They are cheaters!! LOL But my son was happy with his Spiderman stuffie and blanket, Ninja Turtle Leonardo, and army men set.

  4. Wow, amazing catch, that’s TON of candy from one house. Full packs! Multiple Packs! I Like Jason’s Clash of Clans Wizard costume I like customs better like his.

  5. You all looked great. she did a really great job on his costume! Yay or her! Boy your kids sure did score a lot of candy.

  6. This is the first year we DIDNT go to grandma and grandpas house. Honestly, it’s their fault. My dad bought Almond Joys. ??? Three bags of Almond Joys. My youngest is allergic to nuts and my oldest doesn’t like chocolate. Maybe grandpa was sending us a message to stay away? Or he’s trying to fatten up grandma, because those are her favorite chocolates. LOL. But we didn’t stop by, instead we did Mall-o-ween and then I declared that next year we are just having our own Halloween party.

    • Hey Erin! How did I not know (or even remember) that your son also has nut allergies??? I don’t, but even still, I’ve never like Almond Joys or Mounds, so I’d be fine there! And I LOVE having Halloween parties. Before I was married, we used to go all out with decorations, games, tarot readings, etc.

  7. Two of my sons were ninjas too! My oldest (who feels too old to trick or treat) still dressed up as a vampire! I’ll have to show him the clash of clans costume- he loves that game! We go to my parents house at the end of Halloween night too and my kids pretty much double their stashes there! We have a great time looking forward to it each year!

  8. Those were some awesome costumes. We too enjoyed Halloween at Grandmas (my mom). She had a party, the kids did some trick or treating, then came and played games. Had a great time, family, fun, and candy.


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