Nintendo Kid Review: Kirby Triple Deluxe



Game: Kirby Triple Deluxe
Reviewer: Jason, Age 11

Out of the seven Kirby games I played, this is my second favorite so far. Kirby’s Return to Dreamland is my favorite because of its multiplayer functionality.

This game adds many new features to the Kirby franchise. For example, the Hypernova power up (When Kirby eats a miracle fruit he transforms into Hypernova Kirby), 3D Warpstars (Transfers you from foreground to background and the other way around), and four new copy abilities (They are Circus, Archer, Bell and Beetle), and so much more.

There are seven worlds: Fine Fields, Lollipop Land, Old Odyssey, Wild World, Endless Explosions, Royal Road, and Eternal Dreamland. This game replaces the Energy Spheres from Kirby’s Return to Dreamland with Sun Stones which are found in every level except the bosses. When you find every one in the world that you are in, you unlock a extra stage (two in Royal Road).


This game also adds keychains to the series. They are, well, keychains. You can find them in the levels. There are two types: normal and rare. There are 2-4 normal keychains in each level, where there is only one rare. After you collect a keychain, you can view it.

The game’s story is one of the best. (I won’t spoil it for you.) 🙂 The keychains have a lot of Kirby references from other games and I like collecting them.


The only two disappointments I had with this game are that it took away some copy abilities from Kirby’s Returns to Dreamland and some of the copy abilities moves. Also there is no multiplayer function except in Kirby Fighters.

There are some more things I want you to explore on your own but this is bye for now. 🙂

I give it 5 stars out of 5!



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34 thoughts on “Nintendo Kid Review: Kirby Triple Deluxe”

  1. Nice review. My Son has a Nintendo 3DS and needs new games. Whenever I look at games they are mostly not appropriate for his age, 7, but I like the sounds of this one. Never heard of Kirby. Looks like I just found 2 games I think he will lie and I wont need to worry.

  2. We have always loved the Kirby games and my son would love to have the Kirby Triple Deluxe. It looks like a fun game and this would be a great Christmas gift.

  3. i genuinely enjoy the kid reviews because i got into gaming when i was VERY young, so seeing kids wrap themselves in interests that i am still into is great. gaming is a huge universe and anybody of all ages can enjoy them and their input is just as necessary.

  4. Great review Jason! I’m going to recommend this game to my young cousins. They are huge Nintendo fans. I love your army of Kirby plush toys by the way!

  5. He uses very sophisticated terms in all of his reviews, I think I agree with him, what other games are you gonna review?!? I’m dieing to know these reviews are the best. Tell Jason I said hi. (Laurence Koodin Says Hi)

  6. 5 out of 5 stars! It’s got to be good. I am not sure if my nephew has this game yet? I have to check, because I bet you two would have the same taste in games.

  7. Thanks for the review! I love the pic of all the animals watching you play. I appreciate hearing what kids really think of the game instead of trying to guess if my kids will like the game.

  8. Great review Jason. My kids loved playing with their DSs and my younger son loves Kirby. My boys can always be seen with a game in hand, especially if they just got it, something about conquering a game. What is next on your wish list for games? My oldest is waiting for the new Pokemon game. Have fun unlocking new items and places.

  9. Great review. Thank you for sharing your experiences with this game.

    My kids don’t play video games but I know A LOT of kids who do so I plan on telling them about your thoughts about this game. 🙂

  10. You did a really good review. My sons like the Kirby games and I am going to let them know what you said about this game. Looking forward to your next review.


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