Hello Kitty and the Space Tacos


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If I were a girl, I don’t think I would’ve been into Barbies. Sure, I probably would’ve had a few. But the inherent collector in me would more than likely have lead me straight to Hello Kitty.

I swear, Hello Kitty’s been around for, what, like 100 years already? I remember going into Hello Kitty stores when I was a kid and loving all the super tiny adorable pencils, erasers and figures. There was even some cute little blue penguin in a top hat. I think his name is Tuxedo Sam or Max or something. A quick Googling would probably solve that one I bet.

Anyways, they really make a zillion and one Hello Kitty collectibles these days from toasters to…um… “adult massagers” (NSFW). What I find fascinating, though, is that somehow the world’s most adorable kitty finds herself pushing some pretty tough and cutting edge styles and products.

In fact, even a grungy, hip, emo-filled store like Hot Topic has a whole section devoted to the gal!

Just take a look at some of the crazy adorable Hello Kitty items they’ve got right now:

Hello Kitty Bow Slouch Beanie

Hello Kitty Bow Slouch Beanie

I’m a sucker for these kinds of hats. We’ve got a Yoshi one at home that I crack up every single time I see Ryan trying it on. Not only does this Kitty Beanie look “adawwwwwwwable,” but it looks crazy warm too, right?

Hello Kitty Space Tacos Girls T-Shirt

Hello Kitty Space Tacos Girls T Shirt

Okay, I have absolutely NO idea if this is from a movie, a toy line, a story or just a funky T-shirt, but… c’mon, it’s got SPACE TACOS!!!!! Why is there not a Hello Taco Kitty Bell restaurant with these on the menu?1!? For realsies!

Hello Kitty Street Fighter Bison 6  Plush

Hello Kitty Street Fighter Bison 6  Plush

I found this one really bizarre. Street Fighter’s an old school video game. It’s about a bunch of big burly guys (and some women) duking it out for supremacy. So it blows my mind that there’s a plush version of the big bulktastic Bison done up in cute Kitty style.

 Hello Kitty Stud Ear Cuff

Hello Kitty Stud Ear Cuff

Here’s another example of the fish out of water” scenario. Tough broads have all sorts of body piercings and ear cuffs, right? (No offense to you tough broads out there!) So what’s a fluffy white kitty doing on an ear cuff? Maybe it’s to prove how tough you really are. Or maybe it’s merely bait! Like these women are just waiting for someone to make fun of their Hello Kitty ear cuff so they can belt them one. Yeah, that’s gotta be it.

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 Are you a Hello Kitty fan?

5 thoughts on “Hello Kitty and the Space Tacos”

  1. I love Hello Kitty and so do my granddaughters. Believe it or not, I don’t remember anything Hello Kitty when I was a child. I would remember to because I have always been a kitty cat addict! 🙂 And I am not 100 years old. Only half that. Great article and now I know where to buy some more Hello Kitty stuff. Thanks!

  2. Oh, Dude! “A vibrating pink toy great for massaging away the day’s stress”, reads the copy. I have too much stress, I’m hustling on over to Amazon to pick one up. Thanks for the head’s-up, Andrew, I’ll be sure to think of you whenever I “massage away the day’s stress”. 😀


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