Just Let It Go – Sing Along With Disney’s Frozen This Weekend

Frozen Sing-Along

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Well if you haven’t seen Disney’s Frozen yet, you better go buy tickets now. Like right now. Seriously, why have you not seen this yet? Did you not read my sparkling Frozen review?

Okay, so for the rest of you, why have you only seen it once? Not only can you go catch Frozen again this weekend, but select theaters are having special Frozen Sing-Along screenings! That’s right, you’re actually encouraged to sing along with the movie during your favorite songs.

Worried about forgetting the words? No problem! Disney thought of everything. Sing along with the words on the screen as you follow the bouncing snowflake!

Take a look at the Sing-Along version of the phenomenal “Let it Go,” which my wife has not stopped singing since we saw this film back in October! And if she reads this blog post, well, I’m betting she’ll put the following video on repeat for the weekend.

How do you not get chills (no pun intended) every time you hear that one? Join in on the Frozen Fun by seeing Disney’s Frozen Sing-Along this weekend!

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6 thoughts on “Just Let It Go – Sing Along With Disney’s Frozen This Weekend”

  1. I believe I commented before on this post prior to my daughter and myself going to see the movie. She LOVES IT!!! Stopped by the mall and picked her up a poster on the way home. I know she would just love to have the sing along to learn all the songs from the movie. Hope we win! 🙂

  2. So, if I still haven’t seen the movie, and I’m one of those people who can’t stand talkers at the theater, am I okay to go to the sing-along version or is it going to drive me nuts?


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