The Importance of Giving to Charities

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Charities are events or organizations designed to help those in need when they truly need it. People all around the world are in situations that they cannot overly help, and the amount of human compassion that is done to help them is a wonderful fulfillment, knowing that these people cannot fully pay them back in the end. Human beings are kind by nature, and always are looking for ways to help.

When you donate to a charity, you are fulfilling yourself as a human being and helping others in ways beyond normal means. Read more to find out the importance of giving to charities, how it can help others, and how it can ultimately help you in the grand scheme of things.

It Creates Community
Whenever we give to charities, we are not only helping the individual in need, but we are also helping the community in need. It helps create and nurture a better community in which people may not have access to the goods and services that are offered to them. It brings people together in times of need and builds stronger bonds through friendship and compassion. By helping people who live below the standard of living, we raise our own standards of living.

It Creates a Good Feeling Within Ourselves
Ask yourself this: have you ever felt really good when you gave someone something that they truly needed, knowing that they could not pay you back? The feel good feeling of giving something to someone as an act of kindness truly makes us feel better at our core, and helps develop us as human beings.

Reduced Tax Liability
At the very least, even whenever you donate to an organization that helps those in need, you will receive a reduced tax liability for yourself or any organization you are affiliated with. You in turn can be rewarded for helping others, even if in a small amount such as this.

Make an Example for Others to Follow
Whenever you donate to charity, others will receive the message and want to follow in your path as well. Human beings are kind by nature, and when one inspiring act of kindness happens, it brings people together to repeat the same. Be a leader within your community and head to Unicef and give, give, give to those who need it most. You will not only do well for yourself and those who need it, but inspire others to do the same.

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  1. I’m not able to donate cash but I do give at least twice a year to the food bank. Every spring we go through our clothes and toys and donate them as well. I like to teach the kids to help out others.


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