Irish Spring’s Signature for Men Fights the Stink Big Time

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I hate this time of year. It just really stinks. Literally.

Yes, I know it’s been a long, brutal winter and 70 degree days is pretty awesome. I have no problem with that. It’s just that the spring brings two truly evil things with it every single year: Spring Cleaning and Allergies.

Spring Cleaning is definitely not my idea of fun. I’m not just talking about inside the house (where we finally open up the windows and remove the air conditioner covers), but outside as well. Raking up the leaves. Trimming the bushes. Getting the chairs and bikes out of the shed. All that stuff is just, well, stinky.

It’s always hot and humid out too, so by the time I’m done cleaning out the shed in our backyard, I’m a dirty, sweaty mess. I know, I know. It’s hard to believe that someone as suave and debonair as myself can get a bit… well… pungent, but it does happen to even the best of us.

Toss in the fact that my seasonal allergies have been off the charts this week, and you’ll see why this weekend ranked real high on the stink-o-meter. (Can you say, “Allergy Breath”?)

What better time to try out Irish Spring’s manly new Signature for Men line of Body Wash and Bar Soaps? I was asked by the always-fresh-smelling Collective Bias team to work these stink-fighting products into my daily routine and that’s just what I did!


I stopped at Walmart on my way home from work last week to grab me some Irish Spring. You’ll find their new body wash and bar soaps right where you’d expect, in the Personal Care aisle full of soaps and body washes.

I grabbed a 3-pack of the Signature for Men Exfoliating Scrub Bars and a bottle of the 3-in-1 Body+Hair+Face Wash. As someone who likes convenience and keeping things simple, the fact that I can get a shampoo, face and body wash all in one bottle is a huge bonus to me. Especially since I don’t have much room available what with my wife’s 19 shampoo and conditioner bottles taking up half our shower.


The coolest thing about the Exfoliating Scrub Bars is that they’re massive! It’s like cleaning your body with a brick! Well, it is called a “brick of soap” for a reason. But seriously, it’s a nice hefty size, which makes it easy to hold.


After showering up with these new products, I ran my body through the sniff test. My wife took a whiff and immediately was not revolted. That’s the first win! With a curious look in her eyes, she took a second sniff and followed it up with a quick and enthusiastic “Oooh! Very Irish Springy! I love it!”

The downside, of course, is now I won’t have any excuse for doing more yard work and getting all sweaty since she knows I can simply arm myself with some Signature for Men products and I’m set.


Yeah, these Man Sized Irish Spring soap bars can clean just about anything. Well, anything except for a filthy mouth that is. They’re just too darn massive to fit in even an adult-sized potty mouth.

Purchase one of the new Irish Spring Signature products and get $5 off a VUDU purchase! Take a picture of your receipt and then go to to upload your receipt. Next step, enjoy watching! 

How do you fight off the stink?

4 thoughts on “Irish Spring’s Signature for Men Fights the Stink Big Time”

  1. Maybe once you wet it down and use it a bit it will fit in that filthy mouth of yours? If you’re looking for more lawns to do, you can come to Florida and do mine, please and thank you! #client

  2. I had no idea that Irish Spring had an all in one product! I have always LOVED the smell of Irish Spring, there is really nothing else like it. I’ll have to buy some of this for my husband. And you pictured below reminded me of A Christmas Story 🙂

    • Hey Mellisa! These just came out actually. I’m really liking the all-in-one. And yes, I totally had A Christmas Story in mind. I should’ve used a word balloon with, “Oh, Fuuuuuudge” in it. 🙂


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