Another Muppeteer Gone Too Soon – R.I.P. John “Sweetums” Henson

John Henson Muppets
Photo via Muppet Wiki

Another Henson has gone too soon. I just learned that the late Jim Henson’s son, John, passed away yesterday.

As posted on The Jim Henson Company’s Facebook page:

It is with great sadness that we confirm that John Henson, son of Jim and Jane Henson and brother to Lisa, Cheryl, Brian and Heather, died at age 48 of a sudden massive heart attack on Friday, February 14, while at home with his daughter. John served as a shareholder and board member of The Jim Henson Company. He leaves two daughters, Katrina (15) and Sydney (10) and his wife Gyongyi. A private service is being planned.

Besides being a shareholder and board member of The Jim Henson Company, John was most known for doing the voice of the big, lovable Muppet called Sweetums.

10 thoughts on “Another Muppeteer Gone Too Soon – R.I.P. John “Sweetums” Henson”

  1. This is a real shame. A very nice family – I had the pleasure of meeting Cheryl Henson several times, and she is a sweetie. How sad for the family. Guys – PLEASE take this as a warning – so often men, even young seemingly healthy men, die every winter due to snow shoveling, or other over-exertion in the snow. Apparently, John Henson had been building an igloo in the snow with his daughter. DON’T OVERDO IT IN THE SNOW, GUYS!!!!!

  2. didn’t his father die at a young age too? an wasn’t it sudden? don’t remember clearly but that is sad,,too young to leave this earth


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