Wantable Review – Intimates, Accessories and Makeup from My January Boxes


The following Wantable Review blog post is from my beautiful and talented wife, Allison. Every month, she receives custom-selected Wantable boxes of accessories, makeup and intimates. I’ve asked her to blog about each box as she gets them, and surprisingly, she said she’d do it! 


January Wantable Review

Last month I had the chance to enjoy another set of boxes from Wantables: Intimates, Accessories and Makeup. Again they did not disappoint.

Wantable Review intimates

The Intimates box was full of fun and useful items. The slipper sock is awesome and has been keeping my feet nice and warm in this cold weather. If you notice there is only one sock in the picture. That is because I am wearing the other one!

The red cami is my second favorite because of its reversible neckline. Depending on how much of my girls I want to show, I can switch from scoop to v-neck just by turning it around! The pink striped bra will be perfect to wear when I don’t want to show off my bra straps. It has been a long winter and I will have to take out the removable padding because I have gained a little weight and definitely won’t be need any extra 🙂

The last item in my Intimates box is the tights. They are extremely comfortable and give me a little extra warmth when I go to work. The heat doesn’t work so well in my office!

Gift Necklace Wantable Review Accessories

The Accessories box is always exciting to open for any Wantable review. The necklace is gorgeous and different! I have so much fun wearing this necklace to work and when I go out. It is definitely an eye catcher.

The ring is sparkly and I love that it is a stretchy band.

The black/white scarf (see below) goes perfectly with my tights when I pair them together. Makes me appear professional. LOL. This is a great box.

Wantable Review accessories

The Makeup box is always filled with goodies. Even though I have dark brown eyebrows, I love using blonde color brow liner. The BDB blonde brow powder from Wantable was perfect!

I also had fun switching between the two lipsticks. One was a brownish color from MyFace and the other was a coral color lip gloss from Bella Beauty.

Since I have just recovered from the flu, the eye shadow from Starlooks was the perfect base color to cover up my tired looking eyes. Since my face still looks a little pale from being sick, I loved the bronzer and blush from Sorme. Gave me the glow I so desperately needed!

The last item in this box also helped me look a little healthier. The Treat and Tint skin perfecting cream sample from Sorme, covered up all of those blemishes and even had SPF 30. Products from Sorme are paraben free and are not tested on animals. Yay!

Wantable Review makeup

My next box can’t come soon enough! See you next month for another Wantable Review!

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9 thoughts on “Wantable Review – Intimates, Accessories and Makeup from My January Boxes”

  1. The entire box of Intimates from Wantable are necessities for winter. The necklace with the open work design and the scarf are unique.

  2. Now, I know some things just aren’t for me, but I have sensitive skin, so I’m wondering: do you ever have trouble with the cosmetics from your Wantable boxes?

    • I also have very sensitive skin. I even break out from clinque makeup. So far, i have been good with the makeup on Wantable. Even the wrinkle cream was good.

  3. I love boxes of of the month! Low prices, and a cheaper way to try before you commit. I never knew they had a box of the month, I’m going to look into it now.

  4. I love the scarf! I’m always so worried to wear them though, I think they make me look neckless. I’m glad you’re feeling better, the flu is nasty business. What exactly is a BB cream? Or CC for that matter, lol.

  5. I really would love to get a monthly gift like this! (Now that I’m done with that OTHER “monthly gift”, know what I mean?)


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