Happy Valentine’s Day from Me and the Muppets

Muppets Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my faithful readers!

Okay, even you unfaithful ones can have a happy one too!

Hope your day’s filled with lots of love, flowers and chocolate, not necessarily in that order! My Muppet pals (You do know that I’m going to hang with Kermit and Miss Piggy in L.A. next month for the Muppets Most Wanted premiere, right?) wanted to wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day with a very special video.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

15 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day from Me and the Muppets”

  1. I hope everyone had a nice day,we spent the day traveling from TN to VT..so wasn’t anything special to do,,luckily my husband treats me like a queen everyday so he doesn’t have to make a big deal out of this one day,he usually does but this time we were busy trying to get back to VT in bad weather,we hit that snow storm in Penn.but home now safe an sound,we went out to eat yesterday,,cause I was too tired to cook


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