Keep the Holidays Alive with Netflix


I love Christmas. Yes, even though I’m Jewish, I can still enjoy the entire holiday season. The gorgeous (and sometimes ridiculous) lights. The giving spirit. The food. Yep, it’s all good.

One thing I was always into since I was a kid, though, were all the amazing Christmas Specials on TV. Yes, there were a few (very few) Hanukkah-related ones, but I remember sitting on the couch in my jammies with my sister watching tales of Rudolph and Frosty. And of course, it wouldn’t be the holidays without Charlie Brown and the whole Peanuts gang singing some Christmas tunes.

Well, even though another Christmas has come and gone, it’s still that magical time of year. And thanks to Netflix, you can keep the holidays going well into the New Year!

Here’s a quick rundown of 12 Holiday Favorites currently available on Netflix!

  1. Bill Murray brings back the classic Christmas Specials with A Very Murray Christmas.
  2. DreamWorks kicks the holidays into high gear with Kung Fu Panda Holiday.
  3. Even though it’s heavily Halloween-themed, The Nightmare Before Christmas gets to the heart of what Christmas is all about.
  4. It’s tough to beat the 1938 classic A Christmas Carol. Bah Humbug indeed!
  5. Ernest Saves Christmas may sound unbelievably stupid, but it’s actually one of the best Ernest movies they made. (Wait, that didn’t come out right.)
  6. If you think your family gatherings at Christmas are a bit… well, dysfunctional, then you’ll definitely love The Ref, starring Denis Leary.
  7. The biggest kid on the planet spreads some holiday cheer with Pee Wee’s Playhouse: Christmas Special.
  8. Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure proves that even big dogs need some Santa love.
  9. If you like some angry drunken buffoonery with your Christmas, then Bad Santa should definitely be on your list.
  10. Skip the work and just turn on the Fireplace for Your Home to enjoy a virtual crackling fire and some merry Christmas tunes.
  11. Good Luck Charlie: It’s Christmas keeps the TV sitcom Christmas special spirit alive!
  12. Music meets mice with the musically Angelina Ballerina: The Nutcracker Sweet.

What’s your favorite Christmas show?



15 thoughts on “Keep the Holidays Alive with Netflix”

  1. I’m like you, I love the classics. Rudolph, Frosty and films such as White Christmas and Christmas in Connecticut. Netflix was great this year, I was surprised and pleased to see The Nightmare Before Christmas. Christmas Vacation is another favorite, we can all relate to Clark’s meltdown!

  2. I love to watch ‘Love Actually’ on Christmas, and I WAS watching it and right in the middle it stopped and when i loaded it it said ‘no longer available’. Right on Christmas Eve! I almost wept. If you are on the stream team you can tell them about it!

  3. I have always watched Its a Wonderful Life. I watch it every single year. I havent seen a few you mentioned but am surprised you mentioned , The Nightmare Before Christmas I like that one too as far as Disney goes. I also really like thee original The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (I detest the new one)


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