The Safest Holiday Gift Guide You’ll Read This Year



Sure the stockings are hung with care. No mice are stirring up trouble. And kids are snug in their beds. All is right with things this holiday season, right?

Well hopefully, yes. But unfortunately, besides bringing families closer together, this time of year also brings out the worst kind of people too. Nothing says, “Bah Humbug” like coming home to a house that was just totally robbed. Forget the Christmas presents under the tree, but your computers, jewelry and flat screens are all gone too.

You may not want to think about it, but safety and security are certainly something to keep in mind this holiday season. And I’m not just talking about standing on a ladder while you just reach the perfect spot to hang those Christmas Lights.

Nope. This year, why not keep safety in mind when doling out your holiday gifts? Whether it’s stocking stuffers, presents for under the tree or even some belated Hanukkah gifts (ahem, yes, I’m still waiting on that Lego Death Star from you, thank you very much), there are plenty of incredibly useful and highly helpful safety items available from the folks over at SABRE.

That’s why I put together this quick holiday gift guide, pointing out some of the more popular and practical safety items for everyone on your list:

For the Runner

Runner Pepper Spray

Runner Pepper Spray With Adjustable Hand Strap

You have to love this pepper spray that comes with an adjustable hand strap for immediate access when you need it! I even reviewed this one in the past when I was out jogging one day at our local park.


For the Vacationer

TV LIght SImulator

TV Light Simulator

Now this is pretty darn cool. This tiny little magic box (that looks like a flat disco ball!), will give you some extra peace of mind when you head out of town for the weekend or longer. Just plug it in and the FakeTV simulates a 27″ TV by giving off the exact same sort of lights that flicker from an HDTV. It includes an AC adapter and has two separate modes to leave it on for different time periods.

For the College Kids


Standalone Home Alarms

I’ve reviewed many of SABRE’s Standalone Home Alarms before, and loved them. If you have kids off in college or out on their own, these affordable and easy-to-install alarms stick right on the window or under a door to give a bit of added protection against any unwanted intruders.

 For the Woman in Your Life


Pink Pepper Spray

Besides looking stylish, this pink Pepper Spray with Quick Release Key Ring also helps support the National Breast Cancer Foundation. It’s compact in size, but still offers some serious protection at a safe distance. (That’s 25 bursts up to 10 feet away.)

From pepper spray to standalone alarms, SABRE’s got you and your loved ones’ safety in mind. Heck, they even have an awesome Bear Spray if you’ve got a wilderness man on your holiday gift list! Here’s to a very happy (and safe!) holiday season!

How do you keep safe this holiday season?

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11 thoughts on “The Safest Holiday Gift Guide You’ll Read This Year”

  1. All the items are really nice and effective; I liked pepper spray the most. I have a collage going daughter, I always stay worried about her safety. Parents can’t stay with their kids, 24×7.

    Such type of self defense items can help our kids to stay safe and by some time to call for a better help. I thank you for sharing this post and list of such useful items.

    Good post!!

  2. Really great information!! I had no idea some of these products were even out there!!! Great post! Thank you so much!!

  3. That pepper spray is something I have. Since I no longer have my 9mm…..well, it’ll have to do! I’m not a runner, but NYC is getting worse by the minute!

  4. Every one of these are great, our family could use each of them. I definitely need the pepper spray because I run late at night. It may be a ‘holiday ‘ gift guide but these are year round items. Thanks for the excellent reminder and list of products.

  5. I love the TV Light Simulator! It’s great that it flickers so it appears that someone is home and watching TV! I always worry about intruders when we’re away.

  6. I walk my dog and have always carried spray. Not just for me, but also for my dog. I have had a dog attacked by one who was off leash (no owner around) One good shot andd the dog took off.

    I like the one for the TV thats a clever one.

  7. The TV Light Simulator is a genius idea! I’m a runner, but mostly around my own neighborhood, but I should look into getting some pepper spray too… I like to run in the early morning or evening when it’s dark. :-/


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