Don’t Tell HP, But My 2-in-1 Computer is Really an 8-in-1


The first computer I ever had for myself was a laptop. I took it to college and, at the time, it was pretty darn impressive.

We’re talking a few decades ago, so this thing probably weighed about 10 pounds and had a hard drive of maybe 20MB if I was lucky. It was great for bringing back and forth to school though.

Nowadays, I prefer desktops at my actual desk at home, but I also really love laptops. Since I do a lot of blogging, I’ll generally spend my Sundays on the couch watching football as I type away on the my work computer which happens to be a laptop.

Thanks to Intel, my mind has been blown. Jason already takes my HP Envy x360 m6 Convertible with him to his computer programming class every week. And that’s just the beginning.

I’ve quickly learned how insanely versatile this HP 2-in-1 really is. On the surface it’s a fabulous laptop that also works as a really neat tablet. So yes, it is a legitimate 2-in-1 machine. Except it’s actually a lot more flexible than that.

Don’t tell the folks over at HP, but I’m pretty sure my 2-in-1 is really an 8-in-1. Just look at the eight different ways we use this HP in our lives!

#1 Classroom Computer


As I just mentioned, Jason takes the HP Envy with him to computer class every week to work on his Java lessons.

#2 Minecraft Marathons


When Jason and Ryan’s cousins come over, there is always a mega marathon of Minecraft. Using our regular computers plus the HP Envy, lets them all join in without anyone feeling left out.

#3 Fantasy Football Following


While sitting on the couch… ahem… working hard every Sunday, I conveniently can check how my Fantasy Football Team is doing without having to run up to my room or squint at my phone. (For those keeping score at home, I made the playoffs.)

#4 Recipe Reading


Cookbooks are such a thing of the past. Instead, Allie can just do a quick search while cooking up dinner or some scrumptious cookies.

#5 Tutoring Time


Allie brings the laptop with her when she tutors, using it to show off PowerPoints, slides, websites and other science-related research materials.

#6 Skype Solution


I travel quite a bit for work, and there is nothing like Skyping with the family. Usually, Allie will put the HP Envy right there on the table when I call, so it’s just like I’m there with everyone for dinner.

#7 TV Theater


Allie and I are addicted to Netflix these days, so it’s nice sometimes to just curl up on the couch or even in bed and catch up on episodes of Jessica Jones or I Zombie in our own private little theater.

#8 Blog Builder


I can comfortably kick back anywhere in the house (preferably the couch) and blog away while watching Star Wars or whatever I want. Like say, a blog post about how awesome HP’s line of 2-in-1s are!

Intel 2-in-1s

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9 thoughts on “Don’t Tell HP, But My 2-in-1 Computer is Really an 8-in-1”

  1. This is a nice real person review. I’m so behind though that I didn’t even realize taht they had the tow-in-one type!

  2. I’ve used a lot of HP computers (including the one from which I’m posting), and have a solid history with other HP products. (I still think “lab equipment” when I say HP, though!)

    This little gadget sounds like a real winner. Thanks for the pointer!

  3. HP products are really great! I grew up with them, my Dad worked with computers and when I would go to work with him on Saturdays, he would let me play games and use the printer. It was always a fun time! 🙂

  4. This sounds like just the thing for me. I love my laptop, but it’s a hassle to travel with it. I’d love to have everything easily portable without sacrificing quality. Thanks for the review!

  5. Hp was ourr first computer. I have always loved and preferred them. I am using a Dell now (laptop) and like it, ut my first love is HP. Right now my Dell is missing BBBBBBB sometimes so pardon thee typing and it blows with my last name when it skips.Plus it is typing double letters now and again.
    I love the 2 in 1s and hope to get one- very nifty you are far more techy than I~


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