Mega Bloks Opens its Factory Tours Program to Montreal Kids


I don’t live in Canada. I’ve actually only been there once, when I was a lot younger.

I know there are some cool things to come out of the country, though. Wolverine. Hockey. Michael J. Fox. Not to mention how awesome the Canadian government was during the Iran Hostage Crisis. (Yes, I saw Argo!)

And there’s one more really cool thing that comes out of Canada: Mega Bloks!

Yep, Mega Bloks toys are produced in Montreal, Canada and they recently did something pretty awesome. The company launched a Mega Bloks Factory Tours program. With it, they’ve opened their doors to schools, camps, day cares and non-profit children’s organizations to visit and see exactly how Mega Bloks are made!

On the opening day of the program, 120 children visited the Mega Bloks Toy Factory, many from underprivileged areas. They enjoyed a full day of building with Mega Bloks as they celebrated a special Christmas in July, complete with Santa and Mega Bloks gift bags.

I have to say, that’s pretty awesome. I love when companies do special things like this for the kids. It certainly means a lot to the kids, who will never forget it. But it also means a great deal to the employees at the factory who get to interact with the kids and see the pure joy and wonder in their eyes.


While I wish they had a factory in New York I could go visit with my kids, I’m hoping some of my readers (like you!) live in the Montreal area and can get your kids’ schools involved!

Of course, if Mega Bloks wants to coordinate a special all-expenses-paid trip for a select group of bloggers to visit and tour the factory, I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to being on that list. (Hint, hint!)

Details about the tours:

  • Tours are only available to schools, camps, daycares and non-profit organizations for children.
  • Tours are offered free of charge. However, a donation of $5 per visitor in benefit of the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation must be made in order to participate in the tour (not applicable to non-profit organizations).
  • Tours are limited to a maximum of ±30 children at a time (one class).
  • Organizations are responsible for any travel arrangements for their group to and from the MEGA headquarters.
  • All visitors must be dressed comfortably with closed shoes.
  • It is recommended that classes be separated into groups of 8 to 10 students prior to the visit to facilitate activities and supervision.

For more information on the MEGA BLOKS Factory Tours program, please contact:
Tanya Furci-Argento
Communications Specialist – MEGA Brands
Tel: (514) 333-5555 ext. 2507, [email protected]

12 thoughts on “Mega Bloks Opens its Factory Tours Program to Montreal Kids”

  1. I loving going on tours of things my children love! They keep asking me to find them a crayon factory. They would LOVE going on this mega bloks tour!! We are big mega bloks fans at our house!

  2. I love that they give to the children’s hospital. It sounds like a neat place to visit. The only factory tours I have been on pertained to food. (I think the last one was at Mayfield’s where they process milk and make ice cream.)

  3. What a great company! That is awesome they did a Christmas in July. I live in Utah, so unfortunately can’t take my kids… but if I am ever in the Montreal area I will definitely go!

  4. I am fascinated with factories. Especially something like Mega Bloks – this is great for tour not only for kids, but I would love it! I would love any kind of factory tours, really. I wonder, are there any in Queens? How would I go about finding this out, do you know??


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