The My Muppet Show App Brings Me One Step Closer to Hugging Fozzie Bear

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I’m a fan of obsessed with the Muppets. I may’ve written about them once or twice. I may’ve even equated parental lessons to their googly-eyed awesomeness. And yeah, hugging the hilarious Fozzie Bear is on my bucket list, okay?

I’m ecstatic that Disney’s making a sequel to last year’s insanely Muppetastic movie, The Muppets. And to say it’d be a dream come true to actually get to attend the Red Carpet premiere of The Muppets… Again and actually meet the Muppets in person, well, yeah, it would be. (You listening, Disney reps???)

So when my incredibly friendly and super-duper nice contact over at Disney Interactive asked me to check out the new My Muppet Show app and share it with my faithful readers, well, I flapped my arms in the air and did my best “excited Kermit” impression.

On the commute home yesterday, I downloaded the free app (available both for iOS and Android devices) and immediately started playing. I put my headphones and virtual blinders on so I wouldn’t see the odd looks I’d be getting from the other passengers on the train as I hooted, hollered and cheered for my Muppet brethren.

Basically you “build” a Muppet Show complete with Muppets, accessories, stages, props and more. You earn coins for gaining achievements and then use those coins to purchase different characters and items, or upgrade ones you already have. You even get to feed them with cheeseburgers, fish, cake and more!

Sure, it wouldn’t be a Muppet Show without music, so of course the tunes are a rockin’ as you slowly build your band. I started with Animal, then added the piano-playing Rowlf, followed by the deep-voiced Sam the Eagle.

I updated the dressing room, added a couple of concession stands and bought the band way too many cheeseburgers.

There are so many characters and levels to unlock that I can easily see myself getting lost in this game. If I didn’t have to get off at my stop, I probably would’ve ridden the train another hour north just to keep playing!

If you’re a fan of the Muppets, this free app perfectly captures the fun, goofy, innocent feel of Kermit and the gang. It’s free and available for your iPhone, iPad, Droid, Kindle, whatever, so unless you’re a Muppet hater (booooo!), you really have no excuse not to get it.


You can see plenty of garbage on the stage, which you’ll need to clear out during the game. And one word of advice, make sure you get Miss Piggy her own gigantic dressing room!


I haven’t gotten to it yet but, um.. there’s a Swedish Chef Kitchen stage! And the Chef himself! Ack! Must… finish… writing… blog… post… to… unlock… Chef…

Here’s more specifics about the game straight from Disney Interactive’s mouth:

Players clean up, fix up and manage the famous Muppet Theater stage in order to recruit an all-star cast of Muppets, and put on a show. Every Muppet that is recruited sings or plays a unique instrument in a larger musical number. Players need to unlock them all to complete their own Muppets Show in this all-new free mobile game.


  • Reunite the Muppets gang in this original game that’s full of irresistible music, humor and familiar performers.
  • Unlock and collect over 20 well-known Muppets including Kermit, Animal, Fozzie Bear, and many new Muppets as well.
  • Complete different songs across unique stages like the Muppet Theater, Swedish Chef’s Kitchen, and more.
  • Use Bunson & Beaker’s inventions to send Muppets on special missions to recruit star Muppets for the stage.
  • Visit friends’ stages to rate their performances and collect special gifts.


Want to see the game in action, well, I just happen to have a video right here for ya:

My Muppets Show

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8 thoughts on “The My Muppet Show App Brings Me One Step Closer to Hugging Fozzie Bear”

  1. This app is free but to get more characters you need diamonds( which are hard to get) and for the big stars it is over 100. If you click on the get diamonds button you can buy some, up to a hundred dollars worth, or watch a bunch if videos for one diamond each. Theonly other complaint about this game is that it will stop in the middle and download losing some things you were trying to buy. I love the muppets and it is an enjoyable and catchy game but beware of the diamond trap. I don’t digitize my food for faster service I simply go play another app till the food is ready saving that precious diamond up for a character.

  2. At three months old my son is probably too young to fully appreciate the Muppets, but I’m still pretty tempted to download the app. After all, I used his impending arrival as an excuse to buy DVDs of several Muppet films.

  3. I thought it might be not rat, but as I built my army, it became so addictive! In game cureency is easy to find, and premium characters have an alternate way to buy, using a machine with no cost but a small wait! I really want this game to get big!


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