Muggle of the Year Award Goes to Alice Finch and Her Massive Lego Hogwarts

Alice and Hogwarts

I’m a fan of Harry Potter. Great books. Awesome story. Decent movie series. I’m also a fan of Legos. That’s why I’m higher than a Golden Snitch after looking at this insane custom creation from Seattle-based Alice Finch.

Alice earned her wizarding stripes by putting together a massive, as in ginormous, Lego Hogwarts set. It took her roughly 12 months and over 40,000 Lego bricks to put this sucker together. And to say it’s breathtaking is an understatement.

Take a look at just a few shots from Alice’s wonderous land:

Gryffindor common room interior


Grand Staircase


Clock Tower, Wobbly Bridge, Hagrid’s Hut


Great Hall feast


Potions classroom


Library Wing at night


See loads more magical shots in Alice’s Flickr stream. Also, read a great interview with Alice on the Brothers Brick.

I wonder if Alice takes requests. I’m still dying to see a full-on Avengers mansion. Though an Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters would make a great Lego set as well…

7 thoughts on “Muggle of the Year Award Goes to Alice Finch and Her Massive Lego Hogwarts”

  1. my grandson would go nuts,he is such a huge harry potter fan,,he would sit an stare at this for days on end,lol

  2. This is absolutely beautiful and fantastic! I would love to have the opportunity to see it in person. You could probably spend an entire afternoon looking at it and still not see everything.


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