My Kids are Pushing Poop Pills

Toilet Tales

Ryan has become obsessed with the iPad app called iMovie. He uses it to make movie trailers and 15-minute videos of himself playing Minecraft as he explains what’s happening.

Yeah, in his own words, Ryan’s become a “YouTuber.”

Jason loves joining in at times too, and when the kids’ cousins are over for a visit, forget about it. You’re guaranteed to hear laughter, screams and lots of running, as they film horror movies, magic tricks and now even fake commercials.

Recently their cousins Matt and Ethan came for a visit and produced an extremely helpful and comical infomercial of sorts. I’m actually quite impressed with the script and the acting, considering this was probably all done in one take.

I give you… Poop Pill!


Ryan is checking his YouTube account daily (hourly even) to see if there are any comments on videos or any new subscribers. So if you’d like to make his day, go ahead and subscribe or leave a comment.

Who knows, maybe we’re raising the next Spielberg here.

14 thoughts on “My Kids are Pushing Poop Pills”

  1. You probably help it become seem so simple with the display nevertheless i to get this trouble to be truly an issue that I feel I’d by no means recognize. It seems very complicated and also wide for me. I’m looking toward your own subsequent publish, I will try and purchase the understanding of computer!

  2. This is so hysterical! It reminds me of when my sister and I were little and we would do little commercial skits for one another (what can I say…we were bored and weird).

  3. O…M…G! I am laughing so hard, tears are running down my face. I think you’ve got some genius in your home – the next Spielberg OR if not that, the next Ben Stiller. Their first comedy flick would be, “Meet the Poopers”! I’m heading over to your YouTube to subscribe and share across my SoMe networks.

    Are they taking requests? Because I’ve got some ideas for their next video projects. xo

  4. I would totally purchase this product if it came in a plaid version….sort of like the red plaid pajamas that the constipated star of this video is wearing so proudly–That way it would just blend in.

    Best of luck w/your intestinal distress issues!


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