My Latest Health Obsession: Dry Roasted Edamame

Seapoint Farms

My wife and I are on a big health kick. We’re doing the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution almost every day. (Or as I like to call it, the “Move my lazy ass around on the floor slowly while I sweat profusely and curse like a sailor” program.) She’s also doing her best to cook healthy meals and find all sorts of healthy snacks for us. Yeah, my wife’s pretty darn awesome. Except when she makes salmon. I just hates salmon…

Anyways, one of the snacks she recently found for me at a health food store was Dry Roasted Edamame. It’s really tough for us to find good trail mix, granola bars, etc., because my older son Jason has severe nut and seed allergies. Thankfully, these bags of Edamame from Seapoint Farms are perfect for us.

They’re super crunchy. Super healthy. And super delicious!

Seriously, I could eat a whole bag in the blink of an eye. (But I don’t, because that would be bad.) I just love the super crunch they have, but they’re not hollow. They’re actually quite “meaty,” like eating a peanut. Packed with protein and rich in Isoflavones (wtf that is), these suckers definitely help satisfy my cravings in the mid afternoon.

They come in a variety of flavors but I’ve only tried this original one and the Wasabi flavored-one. That was AWESOME except I highly recommend NOT putting a whole handful in your mouth at once. Go with one or two at a time. Trust me.

Look for them at your local health food store or buy them up like mad at today!

What healthy snacks do you eat?

8 thoughts on “My Latest Health Obsession: Dry Roasted Edamame”

    • Well that just doesn’t seem right! 🙂 I don’t know much about GMO certification but I’m going to start looking into it. I’m also going to check with Seapoint Farms to see if they can get certified, because their Edamame is awesome! 🙂

      • Also:

        “Why does your packaging say Non-GMO and what is that?
        Non-GMO indicates that we do not genetically alter or modify the seed or structure of our beans. GMO is the process of copying a gene from one living organism (bacteria, plant, or animal) and adding it to another living organism using biotechnological methods. Genes are the instructions all living things use to build and maintain their cells. Adding a new gene(GMO) to a crop may give it a trait that is useful to growers and consumers, creating plants that are more resistant to insects and disease, that simplify weed control, or that produce fruits with longer shelf life. Since there is not enough research on the long term effects of GMOs, Seapoint Farms has taken a position of avoiding any GMOs in all of our Edamame.”

  1. Better than chips, but sadly they’ve screwed with our crops and soy beans are among the most genetically modified crops around. Organic would be a fabulous choice if you can find them. Or at least ones than claim GMO-free if they’re not willing to pay for organic certification.


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