My Pittsburgh Steelers Damn It Doll

Steelers Damn It Doll

Today is officially the last day of the NFL season. Week 17. Next week starts the crazy roller coaster known as the playoffs.

And today for the first time in a long time, the Pittsburgh Steelers are playing a completely meaningless game. They were having a fairly solid season, getting real strong at the right time and then, quarterback Big Ben gets injured (almost killed, really), and they start tanking. They blew a few really close games after that, even with Ben back in the lineup.

Last week’s pathetic loss officially knocked them out of playoff contention. So today they face the Cleveland Browns in a game that offers only pride as the reward.

I own a lot of Steelers merchandise. Not just hats and T-shirts, but mugs, bar stools, a funky standing lamp, shot glasses, a car magnet, singing bottle opener, and more. But the gift my parents gave me last weekend is probably the best one. And it was perfectly timed too.

Steelers Lose

Bought at some craft fair up in the Albany area, my Steelers Damn It Doll is the perfect outlet for frustrated sports fans. As the instructions on the accompanying tag say:

Damn It Doll

When your favorite team just made a mistake and

You want to scream and shout,

Here is a little DAMN IT DOLL

You cannot do without.

Just grab it by the hair and find a place to

Slam it; Yell

Damn It – Damn It – Damn It
Damn It Doll tag
And sure enough, as the Steelers blew the game, I grabbed that doll by the hair and tossed it every which way you can imagine. My kids even joined in on the fun. I pray I never have to use this doll again, but something tells me I may need a new one by the end of next year.

17 thoughts on “My Pittsburgh Steelers Damn It Doll”

    • I thought my husband (above) was full of crapolla when he said they had a doll like this, ha I guess I would be soo wrong (goodness, I will never hear the end of that) lol. seriously…haha. I think my Auntie needs one of these too, because she won’t let my Uncle come near her when the Cowboys are on.. I so pick on her until its funny, she yells at the tv and cuss up a storm.. hmm oneday I should youtube her..just for the kicks. Thanks for posting this made us have a good laugh

      • My first married couple comments! I love it! Terry, trust me, it works! I felt so much better after laying in to this doll! And Keekee, never doubt a man when he’s talking about football!

  1. The Damn It Doll is hilarious!!! My fiance would love it. We always root for the Steelers as well as the Broncos and the Texans!

  2. We made it to the playoffs. I actually stayed up and watched the whole Cowboys vs Redskins game Sunday, but now I’m all nervous for next Sunday. I so want them to do well, makes for a happy husband.

  3. Hi Andrew,

    As a Jets fan, I could have used one of those starting in week 2 against your Steelers. By this point in the season there probably wouldn’t be any of it left. My well-worn tradition is to yank off my jersey and fling it across the room in disgust. Ah, the joys of fan-dom.


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