Palmolive’s Fresh Infusions Softens Hands and Smells Freshtastic

Palmolive Fresh InfusionI’ll freely admit it. I don’t do the dishes that often. I usually just pile them in the sink. And yes, we actually do have a dishwasher, so I really have no excuse.

Occasionally, I’ll actually get in there and scrub some pots, but that’s pretty rare. So when it comes to dish washing liquid, I’m pretty clueless. So when Palmolive wanted me to try out their new line of Fresh Infusions Dish Liquid, I was kind of at a loss.

Palmolive? All I remember from them is that old commercial with Madge. You remember her, right? The “you’re soaking in it” lady.

So in this instance, I asked Allie if she wanted to try these out, seeing as how she’s the resident dish soap expert. She said sure and I prepared to help her out by making plenty of dirty dishes!

The Fresh Infusions line comes in three different scents: Lime Basil, Lemon Thyme, and Ginger White Tea. The 16 oz. bottles are pretty nice too, relying on a more artistic approach than you’d normally see on a bottle of soap.

Okay, here’s the Ginger White Tea by our kitchen sink.

Palmolive by the sink

 Beautiful bottle isn’t it? Now let’s see if Allie can find a dirty dish to try it out on. Oh, look, there’s a chocolate-filled bowl now!

Chocolate mess

How will she ever get that off? I hope we don’t need to buy new dishes! Let’s see how well Palmolive’s Fresh Infusion liquid works on dirty dishes.

Clean bowl

Whoa! With just a super quick wipe and some soap, that plate’s almost clean enough to eat off of! Allie gives the cleaning power a thumbs up. But she also pointed something out. Just like Madge repeated over and over for decades, it does indeed soften your hands!

Softens Hands

I’ve actually used it once or twice myself and my hands did feel pretty good from using it. Plus, the Ginger White Tea scent smelled quite refreshing. It’s not an overpowering smell but more of a nice light candle smell. Way better than your average soap smell.

So both Allie and I give the new Fresh Infusions line from Palmolive a (clean and soft) Thumbs Up!

Palmolive Fresh Infusions Dish Liquids come in 16 oz bottles (SRP: $2.99 each) and are available at Target and WalMart.

You can even save 50 cents with this Palmolive Fresh Infusions coupon!

27 thoughts on “Palmolive’s Fresh Infusions Softens Hands and Smells Freshtastic”

  1. I’m loving this review-I definitely want to try this! Those bottles are so pretty (they obviously make them for people like me that will buy it simply because it’s pretty haha!) and the scents sound wonderful!

  2. I think Palmolive makes a good quality product so I do want to try these new scents. You can use less Palmolive per load than many other detergents.

  3. These are definitely not my Grandma’s palmolive… eww…I hated that green stuff, and the smell… and the goofy commercials back in the 70’s…(I’m hard core dating but I’ve had the chance to smell these, and they are pretty incredible. It’s good to know that they work as well as they smell!

  4. That is a pretty bottle. It would be nice to have something attractive since it sits on my sink forever. The Ginger White Tea sounds intriguing!

  5. This is great, but unfortunately, Palmolive doesn’t stay sudsy…like Dawn does…I like the smell, but I need cleaning power!

  6. I never wear gloves when washing dishes. I would like to try the Palmolive Fresh Infushion in Ginger White Tea. I like dish detergent to work good, but I also love it to smell good.

  7. I hate wearing gloves when I do dishes so it makes sense to get something that makes your hands feel good. Palmolive certainly accomplishes that!


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