Santa Clarita Diet Cooks Up a Delicious Dose of Humorous Horror

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After watching the first episode of the new Netflix-original series, Santa Clarita Diet, I honestly didn’t know what to think. Horrifying? Yes. Disturbing? No doubt. Hilarious? Most definitely.

It was that last part that kept me hanging on enough to devour three more episodes right then and there. See, I’m not really a fan of horror shows (other than The Walking Dead). But similar to iZombie, I can take my horror if it’s seasoned with plenty of humor. And with a fantastic cast led by Drew Barrymore and Timohty Olyphant, I’m officially on the Santa Clarita Diet.

No, this show isn’t about a new diet craze. Well, it isn’t unless you’re a flesh-eating member of the living dead that is.

#StreamTeam Santa Clarita Diet

Joel and Sheila Hammond are a happily married couple living a pretty lame and boring life as a pair of realtors in the L.A. suburb of Santa Clarita. Sheila’s idea of “being bold” is getting a haircut. Joel’s biggest frustrations are the loose knobs on the toaster. And their teenage daughter Abby? She just wants a car.

A typical humdrum suburban family for sure. But the Hammonds’ world gets turned on its head when Sheila suddenly undergoes a life-changing (literally!) experience and suddenly she’s the arch-nemesis of vegetarians everywhere. Or humans anywhere to be perfectly frank.

I don’t want to give too much away, but Sheila perfectly sums up the entire series with one phrase. As she’s devouring her latest meal, blood dripping from her chin, she smiles at her husband and says, “I want to make this work.” The real funny thing is, she 100% means it.

#StreamTeam Santa Clarita Diet

Can a suburban realtor husband make a go of it with a loving, non-violent (unless she’s hungry, that is) zombie wife and a rebellious teenage daughter? That’s the question Santa Clarita Diet aims to answer.

I’m only four episodes in, but after watching the pilot for a second time as I tried to hook my wife onto this show, I realized it really is that strange combination of subtle-but-perfect writing and acting, set in a hilariously evil type of setting. Seriously, can any other actress in the world besides Drew Barrymore pull of eating another human being while still being incredibly likable?

Toss in some great cameos from the likes of Nathan Fillion and Andy Richter, and you’ll quickly come to the same conclusion I have. Once you’ve had a taste of Santa Clarita Diet, you’ll soon be screaming for seconds.

#StreamTeam Santa Clarita Diet

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2 thoughts on “Santa Clarita Diet Cooks Up a Delicious Dose of Humorous Horror”

  1. I saw her not long ago talking about the show on Fallon. There is just something about Drew Barrymore I have always liked.Maybe it is because she doesnt look like she goes overboard trying to be perfect (or she comes off that way) when she certainly could coming from acting parents and being in the limelight for so long.She seems like she would be pleasant to talk to and if you didnt know who she was she could hang out with nearly anyone……… and after this ‘change’ I am sure she wouldnt be choosy considering she eats people 🙂

    • Exactly, Ellen. There’s just something insanely likable about Drew! She can be in the worst movie of all time, and I’d still watch it because she seems genuinely like a super nice person who wants to be everyone’s friend!


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