Score Major Points at Walgreens With Men’s Grooming Products in March



The Madness has begun! Yes, it’s March, so the NCAA fun is underway.

Okay, so I’m far from the biggest NBA fan around. (I live in NY, so when you’ve got the Knicks to root for, it can be a bit non-motivating). I’m not the hugest NCAA fan either, mainly because I went to SUNY Binghamton, a college not really known for its sports.

Even so, I do love the NCAA Basketball Tournament. The whole bracket theme is just brilliant and the fact that there are always major upsets early on to “bust your bracket” makes for a great time! I should just let Allie make all the picks for me, since I always seem to put Duke and Kentucky in the finals. I’m just a creature of habit, I suppose.

But that goes for most guys, I imagine. We just get ourselves into a routine and stick with it. Take our grooming habits as an example. I’ll buy the same razors, the same deodorant, the same shampoo and just keep using it over and over. It’s not because I absolutely love the products I use; it’s because I’m just comfortable not even thinking about it.

That’s where Walgreens comes in. This month, Walgreens wants to help us guys step up our game. No matter the reason for our routine grooming habits (sometimes we’re just too busy working out at the gym, helping at home or pushing through a long day to even think about new scents, lotions, etc.), it’s time to shake things up.

Whether you’re buying them for yourself or for the man in your life, head over to Walgreens in March to snag some of the official men’s grooming products of the NCAA. Hey, if these guys are good enough to make the Top 64 teams in the country (and sweat through week after week to the finals), they certainly know a thing or two about stepping up their game!


This month, it’s the perfect time to help your man (or yourself!) really freshen up his routine with a new scent or more love for that sensitive skin. From March 6 through March 19, when you spend $15 or more on participating Suave, Degree, Dove, AXE, Q-tips, Vaseline or Caress products at Walgreens, you’ll earn 4,000 points*! I’m no trivia buff, but I’m pretty sure that’d be the highest score in NCAA history.

But wait, there’s more! From March 13 through March 19 at Walgreens, you can Buy One, Get One 50% off on Suave, Degree, Dove, AXE, Q-tips and Caress! Save money AND earn points. Talk about a serious score!

And for even more madness… go ahead and enter for a shot at winning a $25 Walgreens Gift Card!


Just head on over to this Facebook post and tell me who you’ll be purchasing all these grooming items for (Yourself, your husband, your dad, etc.) and you’ll be entered for a shot at winning a $25 Walgreens Gift Card! See the Giveaway Rules for full details. Good luck!

Now let the madness begin!

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*Offer Valid: 3/6/16-3/19/16. Good on next purchase. Points are not earned if store credit or redemption dollars are used in a transaction and cannot be redeemed on some items. Complete details at

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  1. (Score Major Points at Walgreens With Men’s Grooming Products in March) This is good to know, my husband is almost out of his favorite shave cream too-


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