Some Straight Talk About Surviving the Back to School Basics

#StraightToSchool Straight Talk

I blinked. Yep, I blinked and my adorable little newborn is now 14 years old. That means when he heads back to school in September, it’s his first day of high school.

Honestly, I don’t know where the time went. Everyone says your kids will grow up fast, but seriously, who believes them? You want to hear some straight talk about being a parent? Those early years are both beautiful and amazing… and also full of serious pain.

Straight Talk About Parenting

Rumor: Rocking your snuggly little newborn to sleep is the most precious thing in the world. You can do it all night.
The Straight Talk: Sure, it is pretty mind-blowingly precious. But not at 3:30 am, especially when you just did it at 2:45 am. And 2:29 am. And…

Rumor: TV is a fantastic way to bond with your kids.
The Straight Talk: Have you honestly sat through an entire episode of Barney? Good for you. Now go see if you can make it through even five whole minutes of Miffy, or even worse, Caillou.

Rumor: Baby food may look gross but it actually tastes pretty good.
The Straight Talk: No. It’s still pretty disgusting.

Now please don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love my kids and would do anything (yes, Meatloaf, even that!) for them. My family means everything to me, but that doesn’t mean every second of every day is all High Scores and Home Runs. Things certainly can get hectic at times, particularly when those summer nights start to fade into the Back to School Blues.

Every single year, Jason complains about going back to school. I can’t really blame him. I was the same way. Sure I may’ve been bored out of my mind those last few weeks of summer vacation, but I’d take tremendous boredom over a new school year any day of the week.

Straight Talk About Going Straight to School

This year, though, things get extra zany since he’s heading off to high school. That most definitely can be a bit overwhelming. My wife drives both boys in the morning and now that they’ll be going to two completely different schools, that makes for an even crazier coordination.

Making breakfast. Packing lunches. Getting each kid off to school can make a sane person completely lose it. Thankfully, I head off to work long before any of that. Allie, however, definitely has a keen sense of survival and it kicks into overdrive during the school year.

The best tool in Allie’s arsenal is one that I never had as a kid. It’s a cell phone. Honestly, I don’t know how my kids would survive without smart phones these days.

Jason has had one for a few years now, mainly because of his severe food allergies. We just felt safer knowing he could easily reach us. But that phone has been a life saver (thankfully, not literally) for Allie.

Mistakes happen for sure and sometimes my lunch will end up in the kids’ lunch bags. Or lunches will be completely empty. No problem if my wife notices in the morning. She just drops it off at the school office and sends a quick text message to Jason or Ryan so they can pick it up.

But what if my kids didn’t have cell phones?

What if… Jason got my lunch at school by mistake?

#StraightToSchool Straight Talk

Yeah that’d most likely be Jason’s reaction. Especially once he looks inside that bag of veggies.

#StraightToSchool Straight Talk

Talk about scaring your kid straight!

On the flip side, I’d probably be the happiest employee at the office if I ended up with Jason’s lunch!

#StraightToSchool Straight Talk

Actually, now that I think about it, maybe Jason shouldn’t have a cellphone with him at school… No, no. Sorry. That’s my stomach talking. He definitely needs one. As does Ryan who, on more than one occasion, has forgotten something kind of important. Something kind of hard to miss…

Straight Talk #StraightToSchool

Yep, cell phones are pretty crucial for the 9000 times Ryan forgets his instrument at home and needs to text Allie to come bring it in.

Then there are the countless times where Jason’s unsure about some food that a teacher’s brought in for a celebration. A quick text or call through his cell phone and my son’s instantly feeling safer.

As he enters high school, Jason can feel extra confident that he’ll be fine if he misses the bus, left something at home or simply wants to head right over to a friend’s house after school. Call it a security blanket of sorts, but that goes for both our kids and us as parents too.

Straight Talk About Cell Phone Costs

Straight Talk #StraightToSchool

The only downside to having two kids in school with smartphones? The cost! I don’t think I need to give you the straight talk on how expensive data plans have gotten!

What I will tell you, though, is that Straight Talk Wireless feels your pain. Just in time for the whole Back to School bonanza, Straight Talk Wireless has gone ahead and tossed in even more high-speed data to its best phone plans.  That means you’ll be getting even more high-speed data for the same low price.

How low?

Right now you can get unlimited talk, text and the first 8GB of high-speed data (after which it becomes 2G*) for just $45. Need even more? Bump that number up to 12GB of high-speed data (then 2G*) for only $55!

#StraightToSchool Straight Talk

What else makes Straight Talk Wireless stand out from the crowd?

  • No contracts
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How do you survive the hectic Back-to-School Season?



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  1. I have a nine year old and a just turned 1 year old, there have been nights with the baby that I seriously have made mental notes of each exact time he has woken up, down to the second, so that I can recite them to my husband in the morning, who slept through it all lol. This post made me laugh! I don’t mind Caillou!

    On a side note, both my husband and I use Straight Talk and it’s all we’ve ever used. They work out great for us!

  2. “Have you honestly sat through an entire episode of Barney? Good for you. Now go see if you can make it through even five whole minutes of Miffy, or even worse, Caillou.”

    This made me laugh! 😀

    I got a 4-year old son now and I’ve sat thru Barney, nursery rhymes on YouTube, and countless other less popular shows on Netflix, PBS, and Amazon Videos!

    Sometimes, I even find myself humming some of those tunes that my son just listened to!

    I know this is a sponsored/promotional post, but man, I enjoyed reading it. 🙂


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