Some Straight Talk About Surviving the Back to School Basics

#StraightToSchool Straight Talk

I blinked. Yep, I blinked and my adorable little newborn is now 14 years old. That means when he heads back to school in September, it’s his first day of high school. Honestly, I don’t know where the time went. Everyone says your kids will grow up fast, but seriously, who believes them? You want to hear some straight talk about being a parent? Those early years are both beautiful and amazing… and also full …

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Comparing Gaming Between Smartphones and Tablets

  Photo credit: Yutaka Tsutano via Flickr   This post brought to you by Krystal Shannon These days, the key to a successful device is convenience and portability. People want to know that they have access to their social networks, emails, and games no matter where they are or where their day is taking them. Doesn’t matter if they’re sitting on a train or sitting in a waiting room. It’s all about being connected. Smart phones and tablets …

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