Comparing Gaming Between Smartphones and Tablets


iPhone and iPad

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These days, the key to a successful device is convenience and portability.

People want to know that they have access to their social networks, emails, and games no matter where they are or where their day is taking them. Doesn’t matter if they’re sitting on a train or sitting in a waiting room. It’s all about being connected.

Smart phones and tablets have become so advanced in their capabilities that even the big gaming companies are adjusting their products. They’re now creating games specifically dedicated to smartphones and tablets. Heck, some are even creating tablets that look more like game consoles with various controls on the side.

Now that you don’t even have to download software to game, gaming addicts are increasingly opting for the fantastic apps that are available for download from the app stores. Even playing a casino online is popular on smartphones because of the effort that has gone into making the various devices compatible with this type of gaming. Lots of people play games like poker and blackjack on the move, and smartphones are really great for this.

Retina display on Apple devices has brought a whole new level of resolution to the world of gaming, so even the smallish size of phones can’t take away from the amazing graphics. Tablet casino and gaming is becoming just as popular, too. The larger size and the option to play games with more controls on the screen is probably more appealing for people. That’s probably why tablet gaming is increasingly becoming more and more competitive with smartphone gaming.

Today, smartphones aren’t just a luxury, they’re almost a must-have accessory. After all, you use them for just about everything since they’re almost always on your person. Tablets, on the other hand, are more of a luxury item due to the fact that often you can do a lot of the same things on a smartphone. Nobody buys a tablet to replace a laptop or a smartphone. No. You get one as an additional accessory, one that’s more convenient than a laptop but more comfortable than a smartphone. And chances are, you’re using it to watch movies, browse the Web and most likely, play games.

Do you prefer a tablet or a smartphone?

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  1. I honestly prefer my tablet for games–but luckily, a lot of app developers are figuring out that they need to come out with different downloads for different devices (i.e. iPhone vs. iPad) etc.

    Thanks for a great post!


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