Red Sox Slugger Big Papi Wants to Be My Friend

In case you didn’t know it, I’m a New York Yankees Fan. Yes, I bleed pinstripes. And after this season… oof, there’s plenty of bleeding going on.

Anyways, today while taking a walk during lunch (getting in some exercise like I pledged I would!), I got a notification on my phone. It was a Facebook friend request. From… David Ortiz.

 David Ortiz Facebook Friend Request

The only David Ortiz I know is the one who calls himself Big Papi and crushes home runs for the Red Sox when he’s not busy striking out.

Big Papi

Doesn’t he realize I’m a Yankees fan?

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7 thoughts on “Red Sox Slugger Big Papi Wants to Be My Friend”

  1. oh my husband would die,he loves the Red Sox an Big Papi,,the gentle Giant is my name for him,,,didnt know him until I married my husband 10 yrs ago,,I am from TN an a huge Braves Fan,,now we are in VT an it is Red Sox country,,so im now a fan too

    • LOL! And let’s not forget Game 6 of the ’86 Series, when Mookie Wilson hit an easy grounder to Bill Buckner and it just rolled between his legs. Oh, the shame on his face – I loved it! I’m a Yankee fan through and through – but ya gotta love the Mets, too!


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