Be Safe and Strike out the Dirty Side of Baseball with Tide PODs

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Tide PODs

Ah, baseball season. Not only is this spectacular sport a national pastime, it’s also the arch-nemesis of cleanliness!

You don’t even need to be playing the sport to get dirty. Don’t believe me? Take my older son Jason to a game and he’ll show you!

Yep, every time we go to Yankee Stadium to take in a showdown, Jason craves the cotton candy. Not pink mind you, but the light blue colored one.

And every time he eats it, his face looks like he just mutated into a Smurf. We probably go through a carton of wet naps between each inning. But then there’s also the ice cream. You know, the soft-serve kind that comes in the cute plastic baseball helmets? We’ve probably got about a dozen or so mini Yankees helmets at home lining the shelves.

Tide PODs

I remember one game in particular that we attended when Jason was a bit younger. He went with his cousin Matthew and ordered a vanilla swirl with loads of sprinkles. It happened to be a hot day. Like, a REALLY hot day. So by the time he got back to his seat, the ice cream had already started melting like mad.

Down his arm. Onto his shirt. Onto his seat. Onto his sneakers. Onto the seat of the guy sitting next to us who was giving us the biggest stink eye you can imagine. You can see where Tide Pods might come in handy for that post-game clean up.

Going to a baseball game can be super messy. But that’s nothing compared to playing in one!

Tide PODs
My younger son Ryan is on the local Little League team. (Go, Rangers!) I don’t know what it is about this kid but no matter what he does at the plate, he somehow ends up dirty.

It seems he just loves to slide and he’ll do it any chance he gets. Even a walk to first base somehow ends up with Ryan in the dirt.

And did I mention his uniform has white pants? Yeah, like I said originally, baseball is the arch-enemy of cleanliness.

Tide PODs
Just as I love seeing my boy slide safe into home, I love keeping our home safe! Especially when it comes to cleaning. (See what I did there?)

Tide PODs

My wife and I are in love with Tide PODs. So simple to use and they get even the messiest, deepest dirt and grass stains out of Ryan’s white baseball pants! Don’t worry, Jason’s ice cream covered shirts and shorts are no match for Tide PODs either.

Tide PODs

We just toss a few of the Tide PODs into the washing machine, scoop up the pile of food/dirt-stained clothes and drop them in. It’s like magic!

Tide’s Child-Guard Tubs do a great job of keeping young kids away from things they don’t need access to. Easy to open for adults, but not so much for little hands, this brilliant packaging will help keep your kids safe. It’s kind of like those child resistant pill bottles that you need to squeeze and turn in order to open.

Tide PODs
It’s never a good idea to let your children near laundry products, which is why we store them up high. For an added layer of protection, it’s good to know that Tide’s Child Guard Tub has our backs.

Be doubly safe and child-proof those high cabinets and drawers while you’re at it.

Think you know everything when it comes to safety where your kids are concerned? Then I challenge you to take Tide’s new quiz to test your safety skills and tell me how you are thinking of laundry safety differently. When you take the quiz you’ll learn what kind of parenting safety style you have.

I’m a Cheetah!

Aside from having the Tide Child-Guard tub, what else can you do to promote safety in your laundry room at home?

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