The Butterball Cookbook Plus App is Delicious!

Butterball cookbook app

All righty. It’s time to talk turkey! No, really. I’m talking about turkey. I know Thanksgiving’s over and you’ve hopefully finished up all your leftovers by now. But turkey’s great all year round. Heck, I probably have a turkey sandwich for lunch 4 or 5 times a week! And of course, there’s always room for a hot open-faced turkey sandwich. It’s not a trip to the local diner until you’ve devoured that one. Deeeelish! But …

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Preschool Learning Goes Hi-Tech with 123 Tracing

Learn to trace 123

I can’t draw. Like, at all. Even my stick figures laugh at me. So yeah, if you ever join me in a game of Pictionary, make sure you’re not on my team. The one thing I could do when I was a kid, though, was to trace. I’d constantly have my mom pick up some tracing paper from the art store and have fun copying all sorts of comic book characters and what not. Tracing …

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Win a Lionel Trains Santa Fe Super Chief Set Valued at $439.99 (Ends 11/2)

I didn’t really know my grandfather too much. He passed away when I was pretty young. But based on photos and lots of stories, I’d say Grandpa Abe was one heckuva guy. Pretty much my only memory of him is a real minor one. I have a real vivid image in my head of me as a kid sitting in their NYC apartment. I was in one of the bedrooms on the floor playing with …

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The My Muppet Show App Brings Me One Step Closer to Hugging Fozzie Bear

I’m a fan of obsessed with the Muppets. I may’ve written about them once or twice. I may’ve even equated parental lessons to their googly-eyed awesomeness. And yeah, hugging the hilarious Fozzie Bear is on my bucket list, okay? I’m ecstatic that Disney’s making a sequel to last year’s insanely Muppetastic movie, The Muppets. And to say it’d be a dream come true to actually get to attend the Red Carpet premiere of The Muppets… …

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Win the Language Learning App ‘Gus on the Go’ (Ends 7/17)

Sometimes it really pays to write. No, I don’t mean actually getting paid for writing articles or blog posts. Those are awesome and obviously you do get paid for them. What I’m talking about is when you write an article and then get some awesome feedback from the subject you wrote about. Last week, I shared my thoughts on the new Language Learning App Gus on the Go. If you missed it, go read it, …

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