My Son the Movie Director!

My kids recently discovered the iMovie app. While I don’t have an iPad (yet!), the app does work on an iPhone. What does it do? Basically it’s a movie app that easily lets you create movies with effects, or for more fun, create short movie trailers.

Jason and Ryan have been having a blast, to say the least, creating all sorts of movie trailers and then the movies themselves. It’ll be much easier to use, once I get an iPad, but for now, at least it’s holding their interest.

The following was created, written, filmed, and directed by Jason with Ryan and yours truly performing Oscar-worthy roles. Please hold all applause until the end.

13 thoughts on “My Son the Movie Director!”

  1. How cool! I have an iPad – that the kids love playing on – so I’m going to download this app. They are going to have so much fun. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My daughter has so much fun with the iMovie app. I used to write stories when I was young but my daughter is able to make some pretty neat mini movies with this sort of thing – it’s really neat to watch. It looks like you guys had a great time doing this – great costume!


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