Draw Something, Guess Nothing

Like most people, my family goes in and out when it comes to apps. We’ve had vicious rounds of Words With Friends and really got into Draw Something. The kids even get in on the fun and play against me and Allie on their iTouches.

And then there’s my dad. He plays with all of us, but I think Allie’s the only one who gets back to him quickly, so they have a lengthy game going. Apparently, I got my artistic talent from my father, since he can barely draw a stick figure too.

I was sitting at work the other day when Allie sent me an instant message. All it said was, ” what is this.” And then it had the following picture from her game with my dad:


Go ahead. Guess what it is. I had absolutely no idea. And it took Allie roughly 2 hours in a doctor’s waiting room to finally figure it out.

Give up? I won’t spoil it for everyone, but if you really want to know what it is, highlight the following line of text:

The answer is: SHOULDER

Uh, yeah. I don’t see it either. I’m guessing my dad picked a different word and drew what he thought was that word. Either that, or he needs to head back to the 3rd grade. Love ya, dad!

Do you play Draw Something with your kids (or parents!)? 

6 thoughts on “Draw Something, Guess Nothing”

    • Hi, Christina. The answers is in the post if you highlight over the text. I wrote it with white text on a white background, so if you highlight it, you’ll see the answer.

      And it really is a fun game!

  1. Why are you waiting 2 hours for a doctor? The word was an ELEPHANT. Why did it not have the letters correctly? That is very funny.


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