I’ve Got Pac-Man Fever!

I grew up on Pac-Man. Not that I was any good at it. But I loved gobbling up those little energy pellets almost as fast as the arcade machine gobbled up my quarters. Then I met my wife in college, who was not only a huge fan of Ms. Pac-Man, she was also the best player in the whole dorm! That and the fact that she didn’t run to the hills when she saw my …

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Happy 69th Birthday, Mom!

Today is a really special day celebrating a special birth. Yep, I’m talking about my mom. Who else did you think I was referring to? My folks live upstate in the Albany area, so we spent the weekend there to celebrate a late Hanukkah mixed with mom’s birthday. My sister lives up there with her family, so they hung out with us all weekend too. It was a great weekend filled with a variety of …

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One Dad + Three Kids = One Colorful Birthday Cake

Allie's 41st Rainbow Dessert

Yesterday was my wife’s 29th birthday, give or take a dozen years. Granted, she doesn’t look a day over 32 if you ask me. I first met Allie during my freshman year of college wayyyy back in 1990 and obviously have learned a great deal over the years. The most important, above all else is this… Birthday cakes must be homemade. And I must use Duncan Hines yellow cake mix and Pillsbury vanilla frosting. Deviate …

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