Happy 69th Birthday, Mom!

Today is a really special day celebrating a special birth. Yep, I’m talking about my mom. Who else did you think I was referring to?

My folks live upstate in the Albany area, so we spent the weekend there to celebrate a late Hanukkah mixed with mom’s birthday. My sister lives up there with her family, so they hung out with us all weekend too. It was a great weekend filled with a variety of insanity.

The adventure started literally the second we walked into the door. Ryan wasn’t feeling well from the car ride and went right to the couch to sit down where he was with my dad. Allie and I were putting stuff down when all of a sudden Ryan threw up all over himself, grandpa, and the couch. A quick shower later and loads of wipes for the couch and we finally got started on the right foot.

Ryan was fine right afterwards, so apparently he just doesn’t like long drives in my car. He joked all weekend with my dad about throwing up on grandpa. Toss in a slew of poop and fart jokes throughout the weekend and you’ve got one classy time. We played games, exchanged Hanukkah presents, ate way too much food and even got to see Santa Claus driving around the neighborhood on a fire engine.

And that was all just yesterday! Today was my mom’s actual birthday. She’s 69 years young and certainly doesn’t look it.

Ryan and I got up first for the day and couldn’t wait to wish grandma a very Happy Birthday! Everyone else got up, had breakfast and relaxed a bit until my sister Beth and her daughter Shay-Lynne showed up. Then we distracted mom while Allie put the three kids to work decorating the birthday cake.

Allie had brought up plenty of sugary goodness including marshmallows, mini Hershey Kisses, chocolate chips, sprinkles, and more sprinkles. Let’s take a look at the decorating in action, shall we?

Ryan and Shay

Here’s Ryan and Shay using edible ink markers to draw on some marshmallows. But where’s big brother (and big cousin) Jason?

Jason marshmallow

There he is! Looks like he drew an R and a G. What could he be drawing? RGB perhaps? We’ll find out soon enough. First it’s time for a quick portrait.

Ryan, Shay and Jason

Oh look, you can just make out part of the cake. Have you guessed what it says yet? Time for the big reveal!

A Diabetic's Worst Nightmare

Ohhh, it says “Happy Birthday Grandma” with a 69 below for her age. You can see the light touch of sprinkles and assorted decorations on the cake if you look very closely. Sure wish the kids didn’t hold back at all when they decorated.

But how would grandma react when she saw the cake? Only one way to find out! We lit the candles and marched the cake right on out!

The Birthday Girl

The Birthday Girl was certainly wowed to say the least! She powerfully blew all the candles out (no, we didn’t use 69 candles on the cake!), and then took time out to pose with the pastry chefs.

Grandma and her biggest fans

Okay, it’s one thing to make a beautiful looking cake. But how’d it taste? Considering Allie made it, there’s never any doubt. Although to be fair, Allie’s a big fan of the Pillsbury vanilla frosting. Do not stray from that flavor for fear of massive retribution. In this case, my mom loves chocolate, so Allie was more than happy to work with the Birthday Girl’s taste.

So, Grandama, “What do you think of your birthday cake?”

Thumbs up!

Two thumbs up! All right! Great job, Team Kids! Apparently everyone agreed with my mom since this was about all that was left by the time we finished devouring it.

Leftover cake

Pretty impressive considering we had all eaten our body weight the day before in my mom’s cookies, brownies and blondies.

It was really a great time and so great to see my family again. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pose for a family portrait. Here’s me, Beth and my mom and dad coming down from a mega sugar high.

We are Family

Next year, mom turns the big 7-0! Maybe we’ll throw her a gigantic surprise party. She’d absolutely love that! (Editor’s Note: Mom would so absolutely NOT love that. Quite the opposite in fact.).

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed your birthday weekend, mom. We loved spending it with you and can’t wait to do it again next year. I love you!

Happy Birthday, Mom!

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  1. Loved every minute of thisvisit. Glad I was with Ryan when he threw up or else he might have drowned. He does no have to do it again. Once in a lifetime is enough.


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