Captain America: The Winter Soldier DVD Trailer Assemble!

I’m so pumped for the DVD release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Like you didn’t already know that… But for some reason, Marvel wants to get me really pumped up, so they decided to release an action-packed trailer for the DVD release itself. Check it out! I may need to buy another TV or two when this finally comes out. I’m scared I’m going to burn out my screen by watching this on continual …

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier Storms Homes on September 9

Face front, Soldier! If you haven’t gotten enough of Marvel’s Super-Soldier at the cinema (I sure haven’t!), get ready to bring a Living Legend into to your home! If you haven’t seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier yet, then this is great news for you! (Though I’m curious as to why you haven’t seen the greatest superhero movie of all time yet?) If you have seen it already, then this is great news for you …

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Anthony Mackie Soars on Screen as Cap’s New Sidekick the Falcon #CaptainAmericaEvent

Anthony Mackie Falcon #CaptainAmericaEvent

Anthony Mackie doesn’t miss a beat. The New Orleans-born actor who soars to life as The Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, happily walks in to a room of 20+ mommy bloggers, ready for another interview session. He glances at the crowd, points at one of the few men present and says, “That is one ugly mom. [LAUGHS] How you guys doing? Sorry, you’re a hot chick, I’m sorry.” Mackie is definitely one lively …

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The Russo Brother Directors Spill Winter Soldier Secrets #CaptainAmericaEvent

Joe Russo #CaptainAmericaEvent

Most brothers grow up playing superheroes in their basement. The action figures, the secret headquarters and all those classic fight scenes. Joe and Anthony Russo go one better. They get to play with real superheroes. The tag-team directors of Captain America: The Winter Soldier have the best toy box in the entire universe. Captain America. Black Widow. The Falcon. Nick Fury. With toys like these, who needs a PlayStation? The Russo Brothers made a name …

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