Cartoon Chaos Continues with Adventure Time Season 4

The following post contains affiliate links.  If you haven’t been following the absurd adventures of Jake and Finn on Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, well, you’re living a pretty sheltered life I’d say. It’s pretty hard to describe this insanely absurd cartoon since it’s a show that’s really all over the place. It’s like one insanely wild dream you have after eating an entire pepperoni pizza at midnight before heading off to bed. It may not …

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Tom & Jerry Fight Their Way Back to TV

Tom & Jerry Show

Like most well-adjusted adults today, I grew up watching the zany antics of Tom & Jerry. No, I never hit my sister in the head with a bowling ball. I never fenced a country mouse for a hunk of cheese either. But I did laugh my butt off regularly at the cat-chase-mouse-hit-cat-with-baseball-bat cartoon. And just like the the classic Warner Bros. Bugs Bunny cartoons, those Tom & Jerry ones are timeless. My kids love ’em, …

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