7 Ways College Life Has Changed Drastically Thanks to Technology

Back in my day at SUNY Binghamton, we used to leave our dorm rooms, trudge through 19 feet of snow, and fight off packs of bloodthirsty wolves, just to make it to the campus lecture hall for Psych 101. Yes, college sure was tough back in the ’90s. The 1990s I’m talking about. Okay, okay, so we had it pretty easy. College was a blast and a truly educational experience (both in book smarts and …

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London Calling

Funny British Actor Red Hat

After college, I did the proverbial backpacking-through-Europe trip with my roommate Dave. (We tried like to mad to get our other buddy Keith to join us, but he came up with every lame excuse in the book, despite leading us on all year. And no, we’re not bitter or anything.) I loved it. It was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done in my life, especially since I doubt I’ll ever have a chance …

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