I Survived My First Week of Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting

My favorite quote from Garfield (Everyone has one, right?) has to be: Diet is just DIE with a T. Nothing is less satisfying than the first few days of a new diet. You’re either screaming at everyone around you ready to bite their heads off because you’re so hungry, or you’re so disgusted at eating nothing but crunchy, healthy food. Celery is the food of the devil for sure. My wife and I have been …

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Without Saying a Word, the Polar Loop 2 Keeps My Cravings in Line


Getting in shape is a two-step process. No, I don’t mean it’s like dancing. At least I hope not, since I have three left feet. What I mean is, in order to lose weight/get in shape you need to do two things: exercise and eat right. One without the other just isn’t maximizing the overall process. I recently started using a Polar Loop 2 to help me keep track of my daily activity. It’s amazing …

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