Without Saying a Word, the Polar Loop 2 Keeps My Cravings in Line


Getting in shape is a two-step process. No, I don’t mean it’s like dancing. At least I hope not, since I have three left feet.

What I mean is, in order to lose weight/get in shape you need to do two things: exercise and eat right. One without the other just isn’t maximizing the overall process.

I recently started using a Polar Loop 2 to help me keep track of my daily activity. It’s amazing how much motivation a simple little “electronic bracelet” can give you just by constantly reminding you of your daily progress.


I’ve been traveling a lot lately, mostly for work, so my exercise routine has gotten slightly out of whack. As has my eating. It’s tough to eat right when you’re busy running from meeting to meeting all day without even a break for lunch.

So I’m back now and Allie and I are both full-force kicking things into gear on the exercise front and getting back on track with eating right! That means cutting down on the carbs, cutting out the fried foods and empty calorie snacks and sweets.

The thing is, the more you exercise, the more you need to fuel up. Otherwise, you get crazy hungry and even shaky/weak at times. So what are some go-to snacks/foods we jump at throughout the day to keep us moving, especially when we’re exercising?

  • Greek Yogurt with a small amount of granola
  • Baby carrots and hummus (homemade of course!)
  • Hardboiled eggs
  • Kale Chips (Basically just roast the heck out of fresh kale until it’s super crispy)
  • Roasted chickpeas (I’m a sucker for a good chickpea)
  • Soy butter and apple slices (Jason has nut allergies, so we avoid peanut butter in the house)
  • Protein smoothies (Allie whips up a mean soy butter protein shake that perfectly hits the spot after a good weight workout)
  • Leftover grilled chicken (Turn last night’s leftovers into a quick snack whether it’s making chicken salad or just eating a few pieces of grilled chicken)
  • Sliced cucumbers (these are so crazy refreshing)
  • Guacamole with baby carrots
  • Sliced peppers (red and green make a fabulous combo)

I like to exercise in the morning first thing if I can. And then I’ll graze throughout the day. That’s where all these different snacks really come in handy to help get me through the entire day.


It’s amazing how hard it can be to switch gears on your regular diet pattern. But once you do, it’s real easy to stay on it. And if a craving for a chocolate bar or some potato chips starts to rear its ugly head, I simply have to look at my wrist and see how close I am to my daily fitness goals thanks to the Polar Loop 2.

Knowing how much longer it’d take me to reach those goals if I wanted to add on a slew of unnecessary calories is a great wake up call! Yep, without even saying a word, the Polar Loop 2 is the best diet wingman you could ask for.

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