Macy’s Sends Santa to Space for the Holidays

I work in Manhattan right near Herald Square. So last year, it was a real treat to see the Macy’s Christmas Windows. There’s still something pretty darn magical about them. This year, I managed to take note the day they were unveiled! You see, Macy’s has to make a pretty big deal out of everything, and the store’s holiday windows are a pretty big deal to begin with. The day they were pulling down the …

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Holiday Window Shopping at the Herald Square Macy’s in Manhattan

Macy's Herald Square

Growing up in the suburbs of Manhattan, we visited New York City often in my childhood. My dad worked in the city, oddly enough, only a few blocks from where I’m currently working! I definitely remember heading down the Palisades Parkway just about every year, crossing the GW Bridge and spending the day in the city during the holidays. Yes, it was always a total zoo. And I don’t think we ever quite made it …

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