Free Maleficent Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets

Recently, we’ve been watching a lot of classic Disney films with the kids since they’ve never seen them before. We’ve hit Sleeping Beauty and Snow White so far, with Cinderella probably on deck. We definitely wanted them to see Sleeping Beauty first, before taking them to see the Angelina Jolie smash hit Maleficent. Still haven’t hit the new movie yet, but I absolutely cannot wait. And if you’ve seen it already (whether just one time …

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Disney’s Maleficent Actually Looks Magnificent

#Maleficent movie poster

Leave it to Disney. I’m a guy. I dig movies about superheroes, zombies and baseball. Not all in one mind you, though that’d be one heck of a movie! I also have two boys into typical boy-type things. And yet, this latest Disney trailer has me seriously excited for a… well, a Disney Princess movie. Yeah, I want to see a Disney Princess movie. Seriously. I really, really, really want to see a movie about …

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