Free Maleficent Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets

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Recently, we’ve been watching a lot of classic Disney films with the kids since they’ve never seen them before. We’ve hit Sleeping Beauty and Snow White so far, with Cinderella probably on deck. We definitely wanted them to see Sleeping Beauty first, before taking them to see the Angelina Jolie smash hit Maleficent.

Still haven’t hit the new movie yet, but I absolutely cannot wait. And if you’ve seen it already (whether just one time or 50), chances are, your little kids are enamored. So to keep them satiated until you drag them back to the movie theaters (or the DVD finally comes out), here are a bunch of free Disney printables for all you Maleficent fans out there!

First up is a Maleficent Activity Pack (PDF). It’s chock full of fun activities like games, mazes, and even coloring pages.


Click here to download the Activity Sheets in 1 PDF.

But for even more play fun, you can cut out all your favorite characters from the movie including Maleficent and all her wickedly fun little friends and foes.


Click here to download the Cut-out Scene Maker in 1 PDF.

Show of hands: Who saw Maleficent?

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7 thoughts on “Free Maleficent Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets”

  1. That’s a nice set of activity sheets! I must say, Maleficent is a great movie, it’s still one of those movies where if were just flipping channels and see it’s on, we watch it. Jolie rocked this role.

  2. I have seen this movie and Angelina Jolie is very good in it and it is a riveting movie. I like to print out some of the sheets for my niece and nephew to play with when they come over.

  3. Thank you so much, I have been searching for activity pages for my daughter. This is perfect for our trip to DisneyWorld, she loves Maleficient 🙂


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