The A-Team Van Crashes into Toy Shelves Everywhere

Playmobil A-Team van group shot

Playmobil has come a real long way since I was a kid. The biggest adventure I had was pitting my construction workers against my sister’s Playmobil knights. (The construction workers always won. I mean, c’mon, a dump truck versus some horses?) But recently, the toy company has put out collector-loving sets based around ’80s favorites such as Back to the Future, Ghostbusters and Scooby-Doo. And now? Well, now they’ve upped the adventure level exponentially with …

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Playmobil Scores the Perfect Gift for All Hockey Fans Young and Old

Pac-Man and Donkey Kong may go down in history as two of the greatest arcade classics ever. And yes, I sacrificed many a quarter to those machines in my younger days. But the absolute greatest of all time? That’s easy. It’s hockey. You know, that awesome little bubble hockey game where you have a few players on each side, attached to poles. You clumsily move the players back and forth and can spin them around while …

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