I Spent the Night with a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, Trophy Wife, Neighbor and more! #ABCTVEvent

Moms of ABC #ABCTVEvent

One of the absolute coolest parts of my recent Blogging Adventure to L.A. was a cocktail hour reception hosted by ABC TV. In truth, it was more than an hour, and for those keeping score at home, I only had two cocktails. Held on the beautiful terrace of the Walt Disney Animation Studios building, this event was so much cooler than I honestly could’ve imagined. This reception was held solely for us, a group of …

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I Found Myself in ‘The Middle’ of a Fantastic Set Visit

#TheMiddle Heck House Set Visit #ABCTVEvent

The Brady Bunch they’re not. On the other hand, they’re slightly less dysfunctional than The Simpsons, so they’ve got that going for them. I’m talking about The Heck Family, stars of ABC’s “The Middle.” Starring Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn as parents Frankie and Mike Heck living in Orson, Indiana, this modern-family sitcom is a humorous slice of life as these two try to successfully raise their three kids (Axl, Sue and Brick) without killing …

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